Administrative Permit Scheduled Items (No Public Hearing) 2013

Administrative Permits
Administrative Permits are granted for the more routine, less controversial land use projects.  An Administrative Permit may be set for a public hearing if there is evidence of public controversy or public opposition and substantive issue exists. Administrative hearings are normally held every Wednesday.

Zoning Ordinance Reference:
21.70 (Inland)
20.76 (Coastal)

To access a copy of the staff report click on the date below and select the file number.  Staff report is located under Attachments. 

Administrative Permit Scheduled Projects and Staff Reports for 2013
01-04-13 05-01-13 08-28-13
01-09-13 05-08-13 09-04-13
01-16-13 (No Items) 05-15-13 (No Items) 09-11-13 (No Items)
01-23-13 (No Items) 05-22-13 (No Items) 09-18-13
01-30-13 (No Items) 05-29-13 09-25-13 (No Items)
02-06-13 06-05-13 (No Itmes) 10-02-13 (No Items)
02-13-13 06-12-13 10-09-13
02-20-13 (No Items) 06-19-13 10-16-13
02-27-13 06-26-13 10-23-13
03-06-13 07-03-13 10-30-13
03-13-13 07-10-13 11-06-13
03-20-13 (No Items) 07-17-13 11-13-13
03-27-13 07-24-13 11-20-13
04-03-13 07-31-13 11-27-13
04-10-13 08-07-13 12-04-13
04-17-13 08-14-13 12-11-13
04-24-13 08-21-13 12-18-13

Note Regarding Staff Reports on the Website:
The Planning Department is posting staff reports on its website for the convenience of the public.  Please note, however, that the staff report as reproduced on the website may not contain all of the information in the hard copy of the staff report, such as signatures, architectural plans, and some technical reports. A complete copy of the staff report is available at the Planning and Building Inspection Department. You may request a copy of the staff report for the applicable fee or request to inspect records in a project file and such records will be made available in accordance with the California Public Records Act.