Monterey County Planning Commission



Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Monterey County Government Center – Board of Supervisors Chambers

168 W. Alisal Street

Salinas, CA 93901

9:00 a.m.


Chair:  Paul Getzelman             Vice-Chair:  Amy Roberts       Secretary:  Mike Novo


                        Paul C. Getzelman                                Cosme Padilla

                        Jay Brown                                            Aurelio Salazar, Jr

                        Amy Roberts                                        Jose Mendez

                        Luther Hert                                           Martha Diehl

                        Don Rochester                                     Keith Vandevere




A.        ROLL CALL






D.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  August 10 and August 31, 2011






1.         9:00AM Pebble Beach Company – PLN100138 (WORKSHOP)

            Project Planner:  Joe Sidor.  Environmental Status:  EIR is being prepared for the project.  Project Description:  Workshop [CONTINUED FROM OCTOBER 26, 2011] to provide an overview of a project (Concept Plan) and related Local Coastal Plan Amendment (LCPA) that plans for and designs potential development and preservation of the remaining undeveloped Pebble Beach Company properties located within the Del Monte Forest.  The Concept Plan would allow the renovation and expansion of visitor serving uses at The Lodge at Pebble Beach, The Inn at Spanish Bay, Spyglass Hill, and the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center; creation of 90 to 100 single-family residential lots; preservation of approximately 630 acres as primarily forested open space; the relocation of existing trails and construction of new trails segments; construction/installation of internal roadway, circulation, and drainage improvements at four intersections (Congress Road and 17-Mile Drive; Congress Road and Lopez Road; and Sunridge Road and Lopez Road; and Portola Road and Stevenson Drive); and the reconfiguration / reconstruction of the main entrance / gate to the Pebble Beach/Del Monte Forest area at the Highway 1/Highway 68/17-Mile Drive intersection.  The LCPA includes proposed amendments to the text and policies of the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan and Coastal Implementation Plan (Parts 1 and 5), including map amendments to land use designations and zoning at multiple locations.  Recommended Action:  Conduct an informational workshop on the proposed Concept Plan and local coastal plan amendment.


2.         10:00AM - Proof Of Access - PLN060127

Project Planner:  Carl Holm.  Environmental Status:  Exempt.  Project Description:  Consider Ordinances to establish regulations for new development that would intensify use of a private road or access easement (“Proof of Access”). Recommended Action:  Recommend that the Board of Supervisors: 1) adopt an Ordinance adding Chapter 21.64.320 to the Monterey County Code; and 2) consider Resolution of Intent to amend the Local Coastal Program adding Chapter 20.64.320 to the Monterey County Code.


3.         10:00AM - Monterey County Subdivision Ordinance - REF100014

            Project Planner:  Jacqueline R. Onciano.  Environmental Status:  Exempt  Project Description:  CONTINUED FROM OCTOBER 26, 2011.  Ordinance to amend Title 19 (Subdivision Ordinances for the Coastal and Non‑Coastal Unincorporated areas of the County) of the Monterey County Code to eliminate the Minor and Standard Subdivision Committees and designate the Monterey County Planning Commission as the appropriate authority to consider certain subdivision and lot line adjustment applications. The ordinance will also make corresponding amendments to Title 20 (Coastal Zoning Ordinance) and Title 21 (Non‑Coastal Zoning Ordinance) to eliminate references to the Subdivision Committee and substitute Planning Commission for Subdivision Committee.  Recommended Action:   

Continue project to December 14, 2011.


4.         10:00AM - The Redevelopment Agency of Monterey County - PLN090275

            Project Planner:  Valerie Negrete.  Environmental Status:  Certified Environmental Impact Report with Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Plan.  Project Description:  Combined Development Permit consisting of a: 1) Use Permit to allow the development of a community park on a 4.9 acre site. The proposed park will consist of new facilities including: a youth sized baseball and soccer field with a baseball backstop, a decomposed granite running track, a full size basketball court, two playgrounds, a small stage area, picnic tables and benches, three shade pavilions with barbecue facilities, a restroom building, and a 53 car parking lot with a drop-off area and turning circle and: 2) a Lot Line Adjustment to merge existing legal lots into one lot.  The property is located at the intersection of West San Juan Road and West Porter Road Drive, Pajaro (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 117-341-002-000, 117-341-003-000 and 117-331-025-000), North County Area Plan.  Recommended Action:  Consider EIR, adopt Mitigation Monitoring Plan and Approve Project.


5.         11:00AM - Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority - PLN110075

            Project Planner:  Bob Schubert.  Environmental Status:  Addendum and previously adopted Mitigated Negative Declaration.  Project Description:  Modification of Use Permit (PLN060239) to allow the construction of a landfill gas power plant that will convert landfill gas into electricity at the Johnson Canyon Landfill.  The Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE) facility would be located near the existing LFG flare and will produce energy from the LFG generated at the landfill using one LFG‑fired reciprocating engine.  The proposed facility includes: 1) a 29 foot high flare which would be located adjacent to the existing flare; and 2) 230 cubic yards of fill.  The property is located at 31400 and 31800 Johnson Canyon Road, Gonzales (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 223‑042‑018‑000 and 223‑042‑017‑000), South County Area Plan.  Recommended Action:  Consider Addendum and previously adopted Mitigated Negative Declaration and Approve Project


6.         1:30PM - Pebble Beach Community Services District - PLN100608 (Water Tank)

            Project Planner:  Ramon Montano.  Environmental Status:  Mitigated Negative Declaration.  Project Description:  Combined Development Permit consisting of: 1) a Coastal Development Permit and Design Approval for the construction of a 800,000 gallon potable water storage tank for fire suppression adjacent to an existing 800,000 gallon tank; grading of approximately 2,100 cubic yards of cut and 1,400 cubic yards of fill; 2) a Coastal Development Permit to allow the removal of 74 Monterey Pine trees; and 3) a Coastal Development Permit to allow a Lot Line Adjustment to merge two legal lots of 0.34 acres (Assessor's Parcel Number 008‑111‑014‑000), and 0.39 acres (Assessor's Parcel Number 008‑111‑015‑000) into one parcel.  The property is located at 4049 Sunset Lane, Pebble Beach (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 008‑111‑015‑000 and 008‑111‑014‑000), Del Monte Forest Area, Coastal Zone.  Recommended Action:  Continue project to December 14, 2011.


7.         1:30PM - Carmel Rio Road LLC - GPZ090004

            Project Planner:  Bob Schubert.  Project Description:  Consider appeal of staff General Plan consistency interpretation for a Combined Development Permit consisting of: a) Standard Subdivision of a 7.92 acre property into 31 Market Rate lots and one Inclusionary Housing lot containing 11 Inclusionary units (2 very low, 5 low and 4 moderate); and b) Administrative Permit and Design Approval for development in the "D" (Design Control) and "S" (Site Review) Zoning Districts.  The property is located at 15 and 26500 Val Verde Drive, Carmel (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 015‑021‑020‑000, 015‑021‑021‑000 and 015‑021‑015‑000), Carmel Valley Master Plan.  Recommended Action:  1) Deny appeal and uphold staff interpretation of General Plan policy; 2) Provide direction to the applicant and staff relative to processing the project.


8.         1:30PM - Loan Exchange Group - PLN110412 (Dolan Industrial Park)

            Project Planner:  Steve Mason.  Environmental Status:  Exempt.  Project Description:  Vested Rights Determination: Claimant asserts that a vested right for Assessor's Parcel Number 131‑054‑004 has been obtained for auto dismantling and storage use since the early 1970's.  The property is located at Parcel D, 516 Dolan Road, Moss Landing, North County Coastal Plan.  Recommended Action:  Adopt a resolution to:  1) Determine that the applicant’s activities to date do not establish a vested right; and 2) Refer the Applicant to the California Coastal Commission for further vested rights determinations pursuant to Monterey County Code 20.64.240.C.10.








The Recommended Action indicates the staff recommendation at the time the agenda was prepared.  That recommendation does not limit the Planning Commission’s alternative actions on any matter before it.


BREAKS will be taken approximately at 10:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION:  Documents relating to agenda items that are distributed to the Planning Commission less than 72 hours prior to the meeting are available for public inspection at the front counter of the Resource Management Agency – Planning and Building Services Departments, Monterey County Government Center , 168 W. Alisal Street, 2nd Floor, Salinas, CA.  Documents distributed by County staff at the meeting of the Planning Commission will be available at the meeting.


If requested, the agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 USC Sec. 12132)  and the federal rules and regulations adopted in implementation thereof.  For information regarding how, to whom and when a person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation in order to participate in the public meeting may make a request for disability-related modification or accommodation including auxiliary aids or services or if you have any questions about any of the items listed on this agenda, please call the Monterey County Resource Management Agency - Planning Department at (831) 755-5025.