Monterey County Planning Commission



Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Monterey County Government Center – Board of Supervisors Chambers

168 W. Alisal Street

Salinas, CA 93901

9:00 a.m.


Chair:  Jose Mendez              Vice-Chair:  Luther Hert                   Secretary:  Mike Novo


                        Paul C. Getzelman                              Cosme Padilla

                        Jay Brown                                           Aurelio Salazar, Jr

                        Amy Roberts                                       Jose Mendez

                        Luther Hert                                         Martha Diehl

                        Don Rochester                                                Keith Vandevere




A.        ROLL CALL












1.         9:00 AM - Read James Peter Jr TR ET AL - PLN100670

            Project Planner:  Ramon Montano.  Environmental Status:  Amended Negative Declaration.  Project Description:  CONTINUED FROM AUGUST 28, 2013.  Combined Development Permit as an after‑the‑fact permit consisting of: 1) a Coastal Development Permit for development and for the permanent installation of a bluff stabilization/erosion control fascia along the uppermost portion of a bluff designed to prevent wave attack from eroding the terrace deposits and overlying soils. The artificial rock fascia is designed to match the natural contour of the shoreline and the existing granite bedrock in texture and color; 2) A Coastal Development Permit to allow development within 100 feet of environmentally sensitive habitat; 3) a Coastal Development Permit to allow development on slopes of 30% or greater; 4) a Coastal Development Permit for development within 750 of a known archaeological resource.  The property is located at 3158 17‑Mile Drive, Pebble Beach (Assessor's Parcel Number 008‑491‑013‑000), fronting 17‑Mile Drive, Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan, Coastal Zone.  Recommended Action:  Consider Amended Negative Declaration and Approve Project.


2.         9:00 AM - Attorneys Benefits Corporation - PLN130509

            Project Planner:  Dan Lister.  Environmental Status:  Addendum to previously certified Environmental Impact Report for the Santa Lucia Preserve (EIR 94-005).  Project Description:  CONTINUED FROM SEPTEMBER 25, 2013.  Public Hearing to: 1) Consider an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report for the Santa Lucia Preserve (EIR 94-005) prepared for the approval of Combined Development Permit No. PLN080350; and 2) Consider a three-year extension of Combined Development Permit No. PLN080350 consisting of:  a) Administrative Permit to allow the construction of a 6,230 square foot two-story single family dwelling with an attached 1,000 square-foot three-car garage, a 1,055 square-foot barn, an 800 square foot swimming pool, and 15 garden walls totaling 580 linear feet in the “S” (Site Plan Review) zoning district; b) Administrative Permit to allow an 840 square foot detached accessory dwelling unit with a 253 square-foot covered terrace; and c) Use Permit to allow the removal of 28 oak trees (5 of the oak trees to be re-located on-site); and grading consisting of approximately 240 cubic yards of cut and 75 cubic yards of fill; and d) a Design Approval. The property is located at 8 Goodrich Trail, Carmel (Assessor's Parcel Number 239-102-021-000), Carmel Valley Master Plan.  Recommended Action:  Consider Addendum and EIR and Approve Project.


3.         9:00 AM - Salinas Golf & Country Club Inc - PLN130431

            Project Planner:  David Mack.  Environmental Status:  Categorical Exemption.  Project Description:  Use Permit for a wireless telecommunications facility consisting of a new 70 foot high mono-Eucalyptus with 12 antennas; one 11'-5" x 26'-0" (297 square foot) equipment shelter, 8'-0" wood fence enclosure, and associated equipment.  The property is located at 475 San Juan Grade Road, Salinas (Assessor's Parcel Number 113-281-001-000), Greater Salinas Area Plan.  Recommended Action:  Approve Project


4.         9:00 AM - Vardell Thomas A/Andrea M TRS - PLN130466

            Project Planner:  David Mack.  Environmental Status:  Addendum to previously certified Environmental Impact Report for the Santa Lucia Preserve (EIR 94-005).  Project Description:  Consider Map Amendment to increase the Homeland Boundary of Lot 65 of the Santa Lucia Preserve Phase A Subdivision Map by 0.98 of an acre. The property is located at 34205 Robinson Canyon Road, Carmel in the Santa Lucia Preserve (Lot 65).  (Assessor's Parcel Number 239‑061‑011‑000), Greater Monterey Peninsula Area Plan.  Recommended Action:  Consider Addendum and EIR and Approve Project


5.         10:30 AM - Heritage Development LP ET AL - PLN060603

            Project Planner:  John Ford.  Environmental Status:  Addendum to previously certified EIR for Rancho San Carlos EIR #94-005 (Santa Lucia Preserve).  Project Description:  Combined Development Permit consisting of: 1) a Minor Subdivision to allow the subdivision of three lots of 20.69 acres, 20.78 acres and 62 acres (total 103.2 acres) into a 4 lot subdivision of 10.4, 11.9, 20.1 and 60.8 acres; 2) a Use Permit to allow the removal of 20 protected Coastal live oak trees; 3) a Use Permit for development on slopes greater than 30%; and 4) an Administrative Permit and Design Approval for development in a Design Control and Site Plan District for a 100,000 gallon water storage tank and grading (approximately 45,000 cubic yards cut and 45,000 cubic yards fill); The property is located at 27050, 27070, 27072, 27074, 27076 and 27080, Rancho San Carlos Road, Carmel (Assessor's Parcel Numbers 157‑181‑006‑000, 157‑181‑007‑000‑000, 157‑181‑008‑000), Carmel Valley Master Plan Area.  Recommended Action:  Consider Addendum and EIR and Approve Project.


6.         10:30 AM - County Of Monterey Resource Management Agency – Planning - REF130068 - TITLE 21: Minor Amendments - Minor and Trivial Amendment Process

            Project Planner:  Martin Carver/Jacqueline Onciano.  Environmental Status:  Statutorily Exempt.  Project Description:  CONTINUED FROM AUGUST 28, 2013.  Public hearing to consider an ordinance to amend Title 21 (non-coastal zoning ordinance) of the Monterey County Code to add sections 21.70.130 (Amendment to Administrative Permits), 21.74.120 (Amendments to Use Permits), and 21.76.120 (Amendments to Combined Development Permits) to provide procedures for amendments to previously approved land use permits. The new sections would allow for administrative approval by the Director of Planning of “Minor or Trivial Amendments” to previously approved permits under specified circumstances.  Recommended Action:  Recommend Adoption to Board of Supervisors


G.        OTHER MATTERS:  Carmel Valley Land Use Advisory Committee – Appointment:  Mary Anne Kleinbardt






The Recommended Action indicates the staff recommendation at the time the agenda was prepared.  That recommendation does not limit the Planning Commission’s alternative actions on any matter before it.


BREAKS will be taken approximately at 10:15 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.


DOCUMENT DISTRIBUTION:  Documents relating to agenda items that are distributed to the Planning Commission less than 72 hours prior to the meeting are available for public inspection at the front counter of the Resource Management Agency – Planning and Building Services Departments, Monterey County Government Center , 168 W. Alisal Street, 2nd Floor, Salinas, CA.  Documents distributed by County staff at the meeting of the Planning Commission will be available at the meeting.


If requested, the agenda shall be made available in appropriate alternative formats to persons with a disability, as required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (42 USC Sec. 12132)  and the federal rules and regulations adopted in implementation thereof.  For information regarding how, to whom and when a person with a disability who requires a modification or accommodation in order to participate in the public meeting may make a request for disability-related modification or accommodation including auxiliary aids or services or if you have any questions about any of the items listed on this agenda, please call the Monterey County Resource Management Agency - Planning Department at (831) 755-5025.


All documents submitted by the public on the day of the hearing should have no fewer than 16 copies.

The Planning Commission Clerk must receive all materials for the agenda packet by noon on the Tuesday one week prior to the Wednesday Planning Commission meeting in order for the materials to be included in the agenda packet distributed in advance to the Commission.