Interpretations and Policies

Del Monte Forest Special Setbacks
Density of Development (1 Lot-2 Zoning Districts)
Expansion of a Legal Non-Conforming Residential Structure
Fence Requirements
Floor Area Ratio for Living Space Located Below Grade
Kit Fox Habitat Study (When to Require)
Lot Line Adjustments on Non-Conforming Lots
Portable Storage Containers (July 24, 2014)
Processing Multiple Administrative Permits Administratively in a Single Application
Setbacks for "Flag" Lots
Setbacks for Structures Below Grade
Short−term Rental (July 9, 2015)
Site Restoration Policy
Small Livestock Farming
Staking and Flagging Criteria
Coastal Zone
CDPs for development within 750 feet of an arch resource - Revised 05/24/12
Critical Viewshed Development in Rocky Point/Otter Cove
Demolition Exemptions from Coastal Development Permits
Election Sign Regulations Coastal (April 17, 2008)
Final Local Action Notices (FLANs) for Permit Amendments and Extensions
Pescadero Watershed Coverage Limitations for Non-Residential Projects
Projects within the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan
Replacement of a Legal Non-Conforming Mobile Home
Garapatos Redwoods Policy
Floor Area Ratio of Planned Unit Developments
Sunridge Pines Subdivision Planned Unit Development
Pebble Beach Townhomes Subdivision (PUD) (02/18/2014)
Accessory Uses Prior to Main Uses (New)
Caretaker Units in F, PG, and RG District
Election Sign Regulations Inland (April 17, 2008)
General Plan Policy GMP-1.6 (Rancho San Carlos and Development on Slopes)
Height of a Story in Del Monte Forest
Second Story Decks in Del Monte Forest
Setbacks for New Detached Structures in HR Districts
Processing Projects Within the Agricultural and Winery Corridor Plan (AWCP)  (New)