Environmental Impact Reports

Environmental Impact Reports (EIR's) are prepared and circulated in conformance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Detailed information on CEQA can be obtained from the State Office of Planning & Research.

Project Title File Number Status Publication Date
Castroville Community Plan N/A Draft EIR May 18, 2006
Castroville Community Plan N/A Final EIR November, 2006
Corral De Tierra Neighborhood Retail Village (Also Known as the Corral De Tierra Shopping Village) (OMNI) PLN020344 Final EIR November 23, 2010
East Garrison Specific Plan EIR PLN030204 Final Certified September 2004
2006 General Plan Update Program DEIR  (62 MB PDF File) PLN050045 Circulating for Public Comment August 18, 2006
Midnight Sun Inc. II PLN120801 Initial Study Mitigated Neg Dec Review Period October 4th through November 5, 2014
Pajaro Neighborhood Park PLN090275 Draft EIR December 2009
Pebble Beach Company Proposal PLN010254
PLN040160 - (2007)
FEIR April 22, 2011
Pebble Beach Final EIR PLN010254
FEIR Released January 14, 2005
Pebble Beach Del Monte Forest Preservation and Development Plan (Partial Revision of Original DEIR) PLN010254 Response to public comments being prepared September, 2004
Pebble Beach Del Monte Forest Preservation and Development Plan  (Original DEIR) PLN010254 Comments received-partial revision of DEIR now circulating January, 2004
Pebble Beach Draft EIR PLN100138 DEIR November, 2011
Pebble Beach Final EIR PLN100138 FEIR April, 2012
Rancho Roberto Subdivision DEIR PLN980685 Response to public comments being prepared June 28, 2004
Rancho Roberto Final EIR PLN980685 FEIR Released January 3, 2005
Rancho San Juan Specific Plan DEIR PLN020470 Final Certified May 20, 2004
Rancho San Juan Final EIR PLN020470 Final Certified November 10, 2004
Santa Lucia Preserve Final EIR (Volume I, II, III and Addendum) PLN130466 Final EIR September 14, 1995