Application and Forms

Application Forms
Agriculture & Winery Corridor Application and Checklist - 04/19/2012
Airport Land Use Commission Application Form - 2/20/2014
Application Checklist for Land Use and Development Applications - 07/25/2014
Application Request Form and Scope of Work Statement (for Planning Permits) - 07/08/2013
Application for Parcel Legality or Certificate of Compliance
Coastal Development-Supplemental Form
Archaeological Report Waiver Form - 05/28/2014
Coastal Development - Supplemental Form
Design Approval Request Form (Coastal Only) - 10/17/2014 (For Over-the-Counter & Administrative Design Approvals only)
Design Approval Request Form (Inland Only) -  10/17/014 (For Over-the-Counter & Administrative Design Approvals only)
Design Approval Request Form Instructions - 10/17/2014
Development Project Application - 07/25/2014
Development Review Committee Brochure (DRC)
Development Review Committee Request Form (DRC) - 08/22/2013
Electronic Submittal Standards - 04/30/2012
Emergency Permit Application  - 07/17/2012
General Plan Checklist (All Inland Projects) - 10/23/2012
Landscaping Filing Procedures - (06/18/2013)
Landscape Plan Submittal Form (Commercial) - 07/08/2013
Landscape Plan Submittal Form (Residential) - 07/08/2013
Letter of Transmittal - 11/05/2014
Oil and Gas Supplemental Form
Restoration Project Application - 06/14/2012
Tree Removal Permit Application
Other Planning Forms
Application for Establishment of an Agricultural Preserve and Application for Land Conservation Contract
Application for Establishment of a Farmland Security Zone and Application for a Farmland Security Zone Contract
Building/Grading/Zoning Complaint Form (to report suspected code violations)
Campaign Sign Responsibility Form
County Clearinghouse Transmittal Form (02/17/2011)
Credit Card Authorization Form
Customer Service Concern Form (for problems with the process and/or department staff)
Design Approval Guidelines Matrix (11/13/2014)
Fee Waiver Request Form
General Development Plan Template
Guidelines for Submittal of Photographs
Notice of Appeal for Administrative Interpretation
Notice of Appeal for the Board of Supervisors
Notice of Appeal for Planning Commission
Request for Refund of County Fees (05/06/2010)
Forms from Other Departments
Other Environmental Health Forms
Request for a New Address (Public Works)
Water Use/Nitrate Impact Questionnaire