20.08.010              DESIGNATION OF DISTRICTS.

The districts established and into which the County is divided are designated as follows and shall not be used as combining districts.

Designation                   District Name

HDR(CZ)                     High Density Residential

MDR(CZ)                    Medium Density Residential

LDR(CZ)                     Low Density Residential

RDR(CZ)                     Rural Density Residential

WSC(CZ)                    Watershed and Scenic Conservation

CGC(CZ)                    Coastal General Commercial

MLC(CZ)                    Moss Landing Commercial

IC(CZ)                         Institutional Commercial

VSC(CZ)                     Visitor Serving Commercial

AI(CZ)                         Agricultural Industrial

LI(CZ)                         Light Industrial

HI(CZ)                         Heavy Industrial

CAP(CZ)                     Coastal Agricultural Preservation

AC(CZ)                       Agricultural Conservation

RC(CZ)                       Resource Conservation

OR(CZ)                       Open Space Recreation

PQP(CZ)                     Public/Quasi-Public

20.08.020            COMBINING REGULATIONS.

In addition to the above-mentioned districts, certain combining districts are established and are designated as follows:

Designation                               District Name

            B                                  Building Site District

            D                                 Design Control District

            A                                 Limited Agricultural District

            HR                               Historical Resources District

            Z                                  Street Improvements District

20.08.030             ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS.

A.        The designations, locations, and boundaries of districts are set forth on the Sectional District Maps showing the Zoning Plan.

B.         The districts and certain combinations are established as the designation.  The locations, and boundaries thereof are set forth and indicated on Sectional District Maps.  Section 20.08.050 is the Index to the Sectional District Maps, each of which is designated by the Section Number of the Zoning Plan of the County of Monterey. Each Sectional District Map shows the designations, locations, and boundaries of certain  districts.  The maps and all notations, references, data, and other information shown on the maps are a part of this Title.

C.        Where uncertainty exists as to the boundaries of any of the aforesaid districts as shown on a Sectional District Map or Maps, the Planning Commission, upon written application or upon its own motion, shall determine the location of such boundaries.


A.        Except as otherwise provided in this Title:

            1.         No structure shall be erected and no existing structure shall be moved, altered, added to or enlarged, nor shall any land, structure, or premises be used, designated or intended to be used for any purpose, or in any manner other than is included among the uses hereinafter listed as permitted in the district in which such structure, land, or premises is located;

            2.         No structure shall be erected, reconstructed or structurally altered to exceed in height the limit hereinafter designated for the districts in which such structure is located;

            3.         No structure shall be erected, altered, enlarged, or rebuilt, except in conformity to the setback, building site area and structure location regulations hereinaf­ter designated for the district in which such structure is located;

            4.         No setback or other space provided about any structure for the purpose of complying with provisions of this Title shall be considered as providing a setback  for a structure on any other building site;

            5.         No use shall be established, expanded, altered, changed or otherwise modified except as provided for in the terms of this Title.

B.         No governmental unit whether City, County, District, State or Federal shall be exempt from the provisions of this Title unless otherwise provided for by Federal or State Law.


This Section consists of an Index Map to Sectional District Maps which show the Zoning Plan, being parts of this Title under the provisions of Section 20.08.030 and shall constitute Section 20.08.050 of this Title.

20.08.060            SECTIONAL DISTRICT MAPS.

This Section shall consist of a series of Sectional District Maps which show the Zoning Plan, being parts of this Title under the provisions of Section 20.08.030, and are for example designated SECTIONS 1, 2, 3, ... OF THE ZONING PLAN OF THE COUNTY OF MONTEREY.