20.56.010 PURPOSE.

The purpose of this Chapter is to provide a zoning district to establish regulation and locations in those developing areas of the County of Monterey where the provision of curbs, gutters, sidewalks and associated road improvements are a necessary and integral part of development.


The regulations set forth in this Chapter shall apply in all districts which are combined with "Z" districts, in addition to the regulations of the combined districts. However, if any of the regulations specified in this Chapter differ from any of the corresponding regulations specified in this Title for any district which is combined a "Z" district, then the provisions of this Chapter shall apply.

20.56.030 REGULATIONS.

The following regulation shall apply, but may be modified, subject to first securing a Coastal Development Permit in each case.

Except for building permits to remodel, where the declared value is less than twice the assessed value of the structure as shown on the latest adopted assessment roll, no building permit shall be issued, nor any use conducted, until the following improvements are made by the property owner or developer:

A. If the property has frontage on a County road, grant to the County by deed any portion of the property within Official Plan Lines. If there are no Official Plan Lines, a grant shall be made to the County by deed of property 30 feet in width measured from the centerline of the roadway and running the entire frontage of the parcel being used.

B. Install, or enter into an agreement to install, sidewalk, curb, and gutter and extend existing pavement to join the gutter as required by the Director of Public Works.