A.            Purpose:  The purpose of this Section is to establish the regulations, standards and circumstances under which a dwelling unit accessory to the main residence on a lot may be established for the purpose of providing continuous on- site care for persons and property.

B.            Applicability:  The provisions of this Section are applicable in all zoning districts which allow single family residences.

C.            Regulations:  Caretaker units may be allowed subject to a Coastal Administrative Permit in designated districts and subject in all cases to the following regulations:

1.            Only 1 caretaker unit per lot  shall be allowed.

2.         The caretaker shall be employed principally on the lot for purposes of care and protection of persons, plants, animals, equipment, or other facilities on- site or on contiguous lots under the same ownership.

3.         The minimum lot size for establishment of a caretaker unit in areas not served by public sewers shall be two acres. The minimum lot size for establishment of a caretaker unit in the Carmel Planning Area shall be 40 acres.

4.         Caretaker units shall not be subject to density requirements of the zoning district in which the lot is located, except in North County.  In North County, caretakers units shall not be permitted on lots less than 5 acres if located in an area not served by public sewer systems.

5.            The maximum floor area for a caretaker unit 850 square feet.

6.         A minimum of 1 covered off-street parking space shall be provided for the caretaker unit.

7.         The caretaker unit shall not be separately rented let, or leased to other than the caretaker whether compensation be direct or indirect.

8.         Subsequent subdivisions which divide a main residence from a caretaker unit shall not be permitted except where lots created meet minimum lot size and density requirements of the existing zoning.

9.         Caretaker units are not permitted on any lot less than 10 acres where a senior citizen unit exists.  Senior citizen units may be converted to a caretaker unit, subject to a Coastal Administrative Permit.

10.       The applicant shall record a deed restriction as a condition of project approval, stating that the caretaker unit shall not be rented to other than the caretaker.

D.        In order to grant the Coastal Administrative Permit the Appropriate Authority shall make the following findings:

1.         That the establishment of the caretaker unit will not, under the circumstances of the particular application, be detrimental to the health, safety, peace, morals, comfort and general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood or to the general welfare of the County; and

2.         That the proposed caretaker unit complies with all of the applicable requirements of Section 20.64.030(C) of this Title.

3.         That the subject property upon which the caretaker unit is to be built is in compliance with all rules and regulations pertaining to zoning uses, subdivisions and any other applicable provisions of this Title and that all zoning violation abatement costs, if any, have been paid.

4.         That adequate sewage disposal and water supply facilities exist or are readily available, as approved by the Director of Environmental Health.

E.         Any caretaker unit proposal which does not comply with the provisions of this Section with regard to size, height, or setbacks shall require a Variance.  The Zoning Administrator shall be the Appropriate Authority to consider said permits.

F.         There shall be a maximum of 50 Caretaker Units approved in the Big Sur Planning Area from the time of certification of the Big Sur Coast Land Use Plan (April 9, 1986).

G.            Caretaker Units shall not be allowed on parcels under 40 acres in the Carmel Planning Area and shall not count towards maximum density.

H.            Caretaker Units shall count towards density in the North County Planning Area.

I.            Caretaker Units shall be subject to the overall buildout in Del Monte Forest as defined by Table A in the Del Monte Forest Land Use Plan.