A. Purpose: The purpose of this Section is to establish the regulations, standards and circumstances under which businesses of limited scale and impact may be established in all zoning districts where a single family dwelling is an allowed use. It is the further purpose of this Section to provide for standards, review processes and review periods to assure that such uses are not detrimental to the residential property in the area in which they are established.

B. Applicability: The provisions of this Section are applicable in all areas of the County.

C. Regulations: A Cottage Industry may be conducted in any zoning district which allows residential use, subject to the following standards.

1. All Cottage Industry shall require a Coastal Development Permit pursuant to Chapter 20.70.  The Zoning Administrator is the Appropriate Authority to consider such Coastal Development Permit.

2. A total of 2 persons, other than the resident and immediate family residing on site, may be employed in the cottage industry.

3. There shall be no advertising for the cottage industry on the property, except for such advertising as may be incorporated within the 4 square foot nameplate allowed for the residence. The location and design of such nameplate shall be subject to the approval of the Zoning Administrator.

4. Adequate access and parking must be provided on-site to accommodate the residential use, employees and 2 customers of the cottage industry.

D. All Coastal Development Permits issued for Cottage Industry shall be subject to the following time limits:

1. The initial Coastal Development Permit shall not be issued for more than 1 year,

2. The second Coastal Development Permit shall not be issued for more than 3 years; and

3. The third and subsequent Coastal Development Permits shall not be issued for more than 5 years.

The purpose of these time limits is to provide adequate on-going review of the Cottage Industry to assure that the use continues to meet the standards of this Section, that the nature of the area has not changed sufficiently to cause the use to be detrimental to the area, and to review the conditions of the prior Coastal Development Permit to determine their continuing adequacy.

E. The Zoning Administrator shall not approve a Coastal Development Permit for Cottage Industry unless the following findings, in addition to those required by Chapter 20.70, can be made:

1. That the proposed use conforms to the requirements of Section 20.64.095(C);

2. That the site is physically suitable for the project;

3. That adequate sewer and water service exists or can be provided;

4. That adequate road and transportation facilities exist for the use;

5. The use proposed is compatible with the area;

6. That the subject property complies with all zoning standards, such as height, setbacks and lot coverage, subdivision standards and that no zoning violations exist on the property; and

7. Impacts considered potentially significant are mitigated.