A. Purpose: It is the purpose of this Section to establish the regulations, standards and circumstances under which bed and breakfast facilities may be established in certain residential areas of the County of Monterey. It is the further purpose of this Section to provide for standards, review processes and review periods to assure that such uses are not detrimental to the area and residents in which it is established.

B. Applicability: The regulations of this Section are applicable in all zoning districts which allow bed and breakfast operations.

C. Regulations: A bed and breakfast facility may be allowed in all districts which allow residential use and where found to be consistent with the Monterey County Local Coastal Program on any lot in any zoning district that allows residential uses subject to a Coastal Development Permit in each case and subject to the following regulations:

1. The property owners shall occupy and manage the bed and breakfast facility. The facility shall not be affiliated with hotels or motels operating anywhere in the County of Monterey.

2. No more than 10 guest rooms may be allowed in 1 facility.

3. No long-term rental of rooms shall be permitted. The maximum stay for guests shall not exceed 29 consecutive days in a 30 day period and no more than 60 days in a one year period.

4. The facility shall provide parking on site at the rate of 1 space per guestroom plus two spaces for the owners.

5. Each bed and breakfast facility may have a maximum of one sign not exceeding 4 square feet in area. Such sign shall be attached to the residence, and shall not be internally illuminated.

6. Such facilities shall be subject to the transient occupancy tax. (Chapter 5.40, Monterey County Code)

7. Any cooking facility must comply with State and County codes.

D. In order to grant the Coastal Development Permit the Appropriate Authority shall make the following findings:

1. That the establishment of the bed and breakfast facility will not under the circumstances of the particular application be detrimental to the health, safety, and general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood or to the general welfare of the County.

2. That the proposed bed and breakfast facility complies with all applicable requirements of Section 20.64.100(C) of this Title.

3. That the proposed bed and breakfast facility will not adversely impact traffic conditions in the area.

4. That adequate sewage disposal and water supply facilities exist or are readily available to the lot.

5. That the proposed bed and breakfast facility is consistent with the Monterey County Local Coastal Program.

6. That the subject property is in compliance with all rules and regulations pertaining to zoning uses, subdivisions, and any other applicable provisions of this Title and that all zoning violation abatement costs, if any, have been paid.