A. Purpose: The purpose of this Section is to provide the minimum development standards for mobilehome parks.

B. Applicability: The provisions of this Section are applicable in all residential zoning districts.

C. Regulations:

1. Mobilehome parks may be permitted subject to the approval of the Planning Commission of a Coastal Development Permit in any residential zoning district.

2. The minimum lot area for a mobilehome park shall be 5 acres.

3. The density of a mobilehome park shall not exceed the density shown for the parcel on the Sectional District Map, or 8 units per acre, whichever is less.

4. The minimum mobilehome site within the mobilehome park shall not be less than 3,000 square feet.

5. Minimum setbacks from adjoining streets and properties shall:

a. Front setback: 20 feet;

b. Side setback: 10; and

c. Rear setback: 10 feet.

6. Landscaping and fencing shall be provided and designed to screen the mobilehome park from the street and adjoining properties. Landscaping and fencing plans shall be approved by the Director of Planning and Building Inspection.

7. All landscaped areas shall be maintained in a litter- free, weed-free, condition. All plant material shall be maintained in a healthy, growing condition.

8. 10 percent of the total area of the mobilehome park shall be developed and maintained for recreational purposes.

9. Two (2) parking spaces shall be provided on each mobilehome site. The parking spaces shall not be a part of the minimum street width.

10. All utility distribution facilities, including but not limited to electrical, communication and cable television lines installed in, and for the purpose of, supplying service within any mobilehome park, shall be placed underground, except:

a. Equipment appurtenant to underground facilities, such as surface-mounted transformers, pedestal-mounted terminal boxes and meter cabinets; and

b. Concealed ducts, or such equipment when concealed by shrubbery, landscaping, or other screening as approved by the Director of Planning and Building Inspection.

The Planning Commission may waive the requirements of this sub-section if topographical, soil, or other physical conditions make underground installation of said facilities unreasonable or impractical.

11. No mobilehome park shall have commercial uses other than those used primarily by the residents of the park such as coin-operated machines for laundry, soft drinks, cigarettes, and similar uses on condition that the uses shall be located in the interior of the park.