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Minor Subdivision Resolutions for 2004
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Note: The resolutions below are in .pdf format which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The Adobe reader can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site.

Resolution No Title File No. Date
MS04001 Russell PLN020329 1/8/2004
MS04002 Anderson PLN020422 1/8/2004
MS04004 Cathrein Estates PLN990330 1/29/2004
MS04005 Willis PLN030598 1/29/2004
MS04006 Fregoso PLN030228 3/11/2004
MS04007 Carmel Valley Ranch PLN020280 5/132004
MS04008 Lit Ng PLN990181 5/13/2004
MS04009 Goldberg PLN040113 5/27/2004
MS04010 Peebles PLN040373 5/27/2004
MS04011 Pickert PLN040084 6/10/2004
MS04012 Lyke PLN040163 6/24/2004
MS04013 Avila PLN980516 7/8/2004
MS04015 Coelho PLN010252 8/12/2004
MS04016 Ramirez PLN030457 8/12/2004
MS04017 Gutierrez & Stapleton PLN040288 10/14/2004
MS04018 Ealoms PLN020044 10/14/2004
MS04019 Rancho San Juan PLN04019 10/13/2004
MS04020 Silvestri PLN040228 10/24/2004
MS04021 Harper Canyon Realty LLC PLN000696 10/28/2004
MS04023 Moeller PLN040050 11/18/2004



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