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Minor Subdivision Resolutions for 2010
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Note: The resolutions below are in .pdf format which require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.  The Adobe reader can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site.


Resolution No Title File No. Date
MS10-001 CURRAN PLN090245 February 25, 2010
MS10-002 CZERWIAK PLN090109 February 25, 2010
MS10-003 GRAU PLN060711 March 25, 2010
MS10-004 WHEATLEY PLN080038 April 8, 2010
MS10-005 DALE PLN080458 May 27, 2010
MS10-006 ESAYIAN PLN090424 June 10, 2010
MS10-007 MORRIS PLN050742 June 24, 2010
MS10-008 MARKKULA PLN090117 July 29, 2010
MS10-009 OMNI PLN020344 July 29, 2010
MS10-011 MILLER PLN090145 August 12, 2010
MS10-012 COLE PLN100212 September 30, 2010
MS10-013 TROSKY PLN080451 September 30, 2010
MS10-014 SCHEID VINEYARDS CALIFORNIA INC. PLN070463 December 9, 2010
MS10-015 CLARK PLN060718 December 9, 2010



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