Fee Waiver Policy

Fee Waiver Policy
(adopted by Board of Supervisors August 29, 2000)
(Revised Complete Board Order Resolution July 10, 2013)

The Director of Planning may waive application and appeal fees for discretionary permit applications for:

1. Small day care centers (less than twelve children).

2. Inclusionary portions of proposed residential developments.

3. Special Handling affordable housing projects, as detailed in the adopted Special Handling criteria (25% affordable housing). Amount of fees waived is based on the percentage of affordable housing provided, and may include additional fees beyond the original application fees.

4. Persons age 62 or over on a fixed, very low income as defined by Housing and Urban Development.

5. Reclassification applications to bring property into consistency with existing General Plan land use designations.

6. County or other government agencies.

7. Permit fees for the repair or reconstruction of property and structures damaged or destroyed by an act or event that has been declared a disaster by the Board of Supervisors where insurance is inadequate to pay the applicable fees.

8. Development, enhancement, expansion or modification of needed community facilities by non-profit organizations and community groups meeting the following criteria:
     a. The proposed project is available for use by the general public; and
     b. Provides a scope of benefit beyond the residents of the immediate
         vicinity; and,
     c.  Is of obvious public benefit. Evidence of public benefit includes, but not
          limited to, projects that:
          i  Meet a public need previously identified or recognized by the Board
            of Supervisors;
         ii. Provide a public facility not presently available in the community;
         iii. Have generated obvious, substantial community support; or,
         iv. Would either reduce County costs or increase County revenue.

9. General Plan amendments for parcels with inappropriate or inaccurate land use designations provided the property has been field checked and verified that it is inaccurately or inappropriately designated.

Requests Not Conforming to Policy:
The Planning Commission shall consider all requests for fee waivers not meeting the above criteria.

Appeal of Director's Decision:
The Planning Commission shall consider all appeals of decisions of the Director on fee waiver requests.

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