2010 General Plan Fort Ord Base Reuse Authority Consistency Determination

Amendments to Attachment 1 (The 2010 General Plan)

         These replace the chapters in the previously submitted General Plan. Note:
        The third amendment involved a land use designation change on a parcel in
        southern Monterey County and did not have any effect on Fort Ord Territory.

Additions to Attachment 2 (CEQA Documents) - Addendums to the General Plan

      EIR were prepared for the General Plan amendments listed above.       

Additions to Attachment 3 (Reports and Resolutions) - Two new Board of Supervisors Board Reports and Resolutions certifying that the 2010 General Plan is consistent with the Base Reuse Plan:

Amended Attachment 5 (Consistency Analysis) - A new and updated consistency analysis was attached to the August 27 and September 17 Board Resolutions. That analysis is the same in both reports.

New Attachment 6 (Public Comment) - New comments and correspondence

      received on for the August 27 and September 17 Board of Supervisors hearing on the consistency certification.

Letter from MR Wolfe - August 26, 2013 (Attachement D of September 17, 2013 Board Report.