California Flats Solar

Project Name: California Flats Solar
File number (s): PLN120294
(Vicinity Map:)
The project site is located in the southeastern corner of Monterey County, southeast of Parkfield, east of Turkey Flats Road and north of State Highway 46.
Assessor's Parcel Number (s): Assessor's Parcel Numbers 143-011-001-000, 143-011-002-000, 143-011-003-000, 423-191-037-000, 423-191-038-000, 423-191-039-000, 424-181-012-000, 424-181-013-000, 424-181-014-000, 424-181-015-000, 424-181-016-000, 424-081-018-000, 424-081-036-000, 424-181-038-000, 424-191-015-000, 424-191-016-000, 424-201-007-000, 424-201-009-000, 424-201-010-000, 424-201-011-000, 424-211-001-000, and 424-211-004-000.
Planning Area: South County Area Plan

Delinda Robinson, Senior Planner (831) 755-5198

Joe Sidor, Associate Planner (831) 755-5262

Current Status: Complete
Environmental Status: The County is preparing a Draft Environmental Impact Report
Project Description: Combined Development Permit consisting of:  1) a Use Permit to allow the construction and operation of a 280 megawatt solar energy facility, involving the assembly of photovoltaic solar panels clustered in a series of blocks distributed over approximately 1,900 acres of the approximately 2,675-acre site, an internal electrical collector system, pad-mounted inverters and transformers, two substations, an operations and maintenance building, security fencing, lighting, internal access roads, CalTrans right of way improvements at Highway 41 in San Luis Obispo County, and other infrastructure improvements; and 2) a Use Permit for the removal of 25 protected oak trees; and grading (approximately 470,000 cubic yards of cut and 470,000 cubic yards of fill).
Key Dates:


Application submittal occurred on August 3, 2012.

Application deemed complete on December 12, 2e012.

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