Oak Woodlands Stewardship Guidelines
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Project Name: Oak Woodlands Stewardship Guidelines
File number (s): PD061171
(Vicinity Map:)
Assessor's Parcel Number (s): County-wide
Planning Area: County-wide
Planner: Laure Lawrence, (831) 755-5148
Current Status: Board of Supervisors Hearing September 22, 2009
Environmental Status: Categorically Exempt according to CEQA Guidelines, Section 15307, Actions taken by Regulatory Agencies for Protection of Natural Resources.
Project Description: Adopt a Monterey County Voluntary Oak Woodland Stewardship Guidelines to serve as the County's Oak Woodlands Management Plan for purposes of the State's Oak Woodlands Conservation Program.
Key Dates:


  • Board of Supervisors Hearing September 22, 2009
  • Planning Commission Hearing July 29, 2009


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