Paraiso Spring Resort (PLN040183)

Project Name: Paraiso Spring Resort
File Number(s): PLN040183
(Vicinity Map):
Western terminus of Paraiso Springs Road, seven miles west
of Greenfield
Assessor's Parcel
Number (s):
418-361-004-000, 418-381-021-000, 418-381-022-000
Planning Area: Central Salinas Valley
Planner: John Ford (831) 755-5158
Current Status: Complete
Enviromental Status: EIR Being Circulated for public Review
Project Description:

The proposed project is a request consisting of the following elements:

  1. An "After The Fact" Demolition Permit, to authorize demolition of the nine historic cottages
  2. A Combined Development Permit consisting of:
    1. A General Development Plan to allow the phased redevelopment of a resort
    2. A Use Permit for the creation of 77 Timeshare units
    3. Vesting Tentative Map for the creation of 60 Airspace Condominium Units.          
    4. Standard Subdivision (Vesting Tentative Map) to allow the merger and resubdivision of approximately 235 acres into 23 lots
    5. Use Permit for removal of 185 protected oak trees; and,
    6. Use Permit for development on slopes in excess of 30%.
Off-site road improvements on Paraiso Springs Road as delineated on the December 9, 2011 "Exhibit of Proposed Improvements" prepared by Atlas Land Surveys, Inc. Road improvements will be constructed in four phases


Key Dates:
  • Draft EIR review period: The public comment period has been extended unitl October 4, 2013
  • Historic Resources Review Board Hearing on September 5, 2013

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) (July 11, 2013):


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