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Rancho Canada Village Specific Plan
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Project Name: Rancho Canada Village Specific Plan Development Application
File number (s): PLN040061
(Vicinity Map:)
Carmel Valley
Assessor's Parcel Numbers:

015-162-017-000, 015-162-025-000, 015-162-026-000, 015-162-040-000

Planning Area:

Carmel Valley Master Plan

Planner: Jacqueline R. Onciano
(831) 755-5193
Current Status: Complete
Environmental Status:

Re-circulated Draft Environmental Impact Report Forthcoming

Project Description: The Proposed Development Application Consists of:

1)  Amendments to the Carmel Valley Master Plan;
2)  Preparation of a Specific Plan; and
3)  Rezoning to Title 21 to incorporate new regulations allowing mixed use Zoning Districts and new regulations in the Specific Plan Area.
4)  A Combined Development Permit consisting of a vesting tentative standard subdivision to create 281 mixed use residential units consisting of:  182 single family dwellings, 64 town-homes and 35 condominium/flats; use permit to allow development in the floodway; Use Permit for movement of approximately 220,000 cubic yards of soil Use Permit for development of public facilities and installation of infrastructure.

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