East Garrison

Project Name: East Garrison
File Number(s): PLN030204
(Vicinity Map):
East Garrison, Fort Ord
off Reservation Road between Davis and Blanco Roads.
vicinity map
Assessor's Parcel
Number (s):
031-011-030-000, 031-011-031-000, 031-011-038-000, 031-161-003-000, 031-161-004-000, 031-161-005-000 and 031-161-006-000
Planning Area: Greater Monterey Peninsula
Planner: Mike Novo (831) 755-5192 and Anna Quenga (831) 755-5175
Current Status: Approved
Project Description:

Combined Development Permit to allow development of the East Garrison area within the former Fort Ord, consisting of the following: 1) general plan amendment to prepare a specific plan; 2) amendment to Title 21 to incorporate new regulations allowing mixed use zoning district and new regulations in the specific plan area; 3) Combined Development Permit consisting of a standard subdivision to create parcels for 1400+/- dwelling units, commercial uses, and public uses, use permit for tree removal, use permit for development of public facilities, use permit to allow a range of commercial uses, general development plan, use permit to allow development on slopes over 30 percent, and use permit for signs; and design approval.

Key Dates:
  • Application Date: 8/14/2003
  • Complete Date: 2/11/2004
  • DEIR Comment Period Ended: 11/1/2004
  • Planning Commission: 3/9/2005
  • Planning Commission: 7/13/2005
  • Board of Supervisors: 8/16/2005
  • Board of Supervisors: 10/4/2005
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