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Rancho San Juan (Previously Adopted)

Project Name: Rancho San Juan Specific Plan (Previously Adopted)
The Approval of the Plan was rescinded by the Board of Supervisors on November 7, 2005.
A Revised Plan was adopted by the Board on November 7, 2005.
File number: PLN020470
Location: Along the northern border of the City of Salinas (Vicinity Map)
Planner: For more information please contact: Bob Schubert (831) 755-5183
Project Description:

The Rancho San Juan Specific Plan is a blueprint for the development of a “sustainable” new urban village, within the County of Monterey, along the northern border of the City of Salinas. The fully developed 2,581-acre site will provide 4,000 residential units distributed over a wide variety of unit types and sizes, many affordable to low- and moderate-income families and targeted to the workforce of the Salinas Valley. The plan also includes a mixed-use town center and town square with 373,000 square feet of retail/community space, a major employment center with over 2.4 million square feet of light industrial/business park use and nearly 243,000 square feet of office development. Community amenities include over 600 acres of natural or enhanced open space with trail system, a 196-acre, 18-hole golf course, and approximately 75 acres of public parkland. When fully developed, over a period of approximately twenty years, Rancho San Juan will be a thriving community of nearly 13,000 people enjoying the advantages of a highly livable, environmental friendly and socially inclusive community.

Rancho San Juan is distinguishable in its goal of fostering a sustainable community by the following characteristics:

  1. A compact development pattern adjacent to an existing urban area. 
  2. A wide choice of housing opportunities that promotes affordable/workforce housing.
  3. A major employment center, which provides a jobs/housing balance.
  4. A balanced use of land affording the opportunity to live, work, shop, and recreate within the community.
  5. A mixed-use town center, architecturally linked to downtown (Old Town) Salinas.
  6. A self-sufficient, balanced water system with natural flood control, reclaimed water, and aquifer recharge. 
  7. A multi-purpose park and open space system provides visual relief, creates passive and active recreational opportunities, preserves community based agriculture, enhances biological habitat, and supports the aquifer recharge system.
  8. Landscape, site design, and development standards promote water and energy conservation, including passive solar and “Green Building” design.  
Current Status: The Approval of the Plan was rescinded by the Board of Supervisors on November 7, 2005 and disapproved by the voters on November 8, 2005.
A Revised Plan was adopted by the Board on November 7, 2005.
Key Dates: Public Hearings Scheduled:
Planning Commission:
12/1/2004 at 9:00 a.m. and 12/2/2004 if needed
Board of Supervisors:  12/3/2004 at 9:30 a.m.
12/7/2004 and 12/14/2004
Environmental Status: Final EIR



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