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Rancho San Juan (Revised)

Project Name: Rancho San Juan Specific Plan (Revised Application)
File number: GPZ050005
Location: North of the City of Salinas (Vicinity Map)
Planner: For more information please contact Bob Schubert (831) 755-5183
Project Description: This Revised Specific Plan addresses the Board of Supervisors resolution by revising the RSJ Specific Plan adopted on December 14, 2004. The revised Specific Plan includes only the 671 acres owned by the HYH Corporation. The revised Specific Plan includes a proposal to reduce the size of the ADC to coincide with the new RSJ Specific Plan boundary. Other General Plan amendments are proposed to further enhance the existing overall consistency between the General Plan and this Specific Plan. Additionally, this Specific Plan allows a specified number of ADUs.
Current Status: Approved by Board of Supervisors on November 7, 2005
Key Dates: October 19, 2005-Planning Commission Hearing
November 7, 2005-Board of Supervisors Hearing
Environmental Status: An EIR Addendum has been prepared
Reports/Documents: Final Documents of Approval
Final Adopted Specific Plan
Adopted Resolution Approving Area Plan/General Plan Amendments
11/7/2005 Board of Supervisors Agenda
11/7/2005 Board of Supervisors Staff Report
RSJ Proposed Interim Ordinance
10/19/2005 Planning Commission Staff Report
Rancho San Juan Special Agenda for 10/19/2005
Addendum to Final EIR (2.8 MB)
Errata to Final EIR
Attachment A-Traffic Analysis
-Appendix to Traffic Analysis (9.4 MB)
Attachment B-Air Quality Update
Attachment C-Water Supply Analysis
DRAFT Revised Specific Plan (September 2005)
Previously Adopted Specific Plan (rescinded by BOS)



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