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Zoning for Parcels in the Unincorporated Area of Monterey County

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I find my Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)?
If you do not have an Assessor's Parcel Number you can contact the Monterey County Assessor's Office at (831) 755-5035
or access the Website at:
Parcel numbers can also be found on your property tax bill.

What does the zoning designation mean?
The Zoning designations can be found in the Monterey County Zoning Ordinances.  If the  zoning designation ends with a (CZ) the parcel is in the Coastal Zone and you should use the Monterey County Coastal Implementation Plan, Part 1, Title 20, Zoning Ordinance
(Title 20).  If the designation does not end in (CZ) the parcel is in the Non-Coastal Area of Monterey Counting Zoning Ordinance and  Title 21 should be used.

Why is there no location shown for the parcel?
If an address for the parcel is in our database, it will be listed;  otherwise the location field will be blank.  The Assessor's Parcel Number ( APN) is the primary method used by the County to track parcels.

What should I do if my parcel is not found?
If your Query does not find a valid parcel number, verify with the Assessor that the parcel is a good active Assessor's Parcel Number (APN). 


Note:  Parcels located within the boundaries of the Carmel, Big Sur Coast, and Del Monte Forest Land Use Plans are subject to the requirements of Section 20.44 Design Control Districts of the Coastal Implementation Plan Part 1, Title 20, Zoning Ordinance.

Click Here for a map of Planning Area boundaries


Important Note Regarding Zoning:

The zoning designation of a property is only one of many factors that can influence the development potential of a property.  

It is important that you contact Planning & Building staff before you make a significant investment in your proposed project.  





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