The Facilities Division is responsible for maintaining safe and efficient operation of County buildings and grounds. The division is comprised of five sections: Building Maintenance; Facilities Projects; Real Estate Management; Grounds Maintenance, and Mail & Courier service. Workers complete more than 14,000 service requests annually, and provide preventive maintenance on mechanical systems, back-up generators and fire suppression systems. The Projects team manages building maintenance and repair projects, custodial services, parking controls, security and access programs. The Real Estate Section maintains official records of the 109 County-owned facilities totaling more than 2,000,000 sq. ft., and administers 79 property leases totaling more than 500,000 sq. ft. The Grounds Crew maintains over 50 sites including mowing, trimming, irrigation, pruning, litter control, and special projects such as weed abatement for fire prevention, and emergency tree clearing. The Mail and Courier Crew process more than 1 million pieces of mail annually, and provide courier service for more than 130 mail stops.


Service Requests

Service Requests may be submitted using our Service Request Form or by calling the Service Request Phone Line at (831) 755-4744.

Service requests may be used to address issues including but not limited to the following: Repairs to doors, locks, and window security; building environment (HVAC) issues, plumbing or electrical problems, pest control problems; restroom supplies; items to be installed on walls or doors such as pictures, signs, coat hangers; grounds maintenance items such as sprinkler repair, tree, shrub, and lawn trimming.

Urgent Building Maintenance issues should be called in to the Service Request Phone Line for immediate attention.

Service Request Form