Custody Bureau - Court Services Division

The Court Services Division falls under the Custody Bureau.

Court Services Division:
The responsibilities of this Division include the transportation of inmates to and from court, Bailiff assignments, courthouse security and the Work Alternative Program.

Transportation Unit This Unit is primarily responsible for the movement of inmates to and from the Monterey County Courthouses. However, the Unit also transports inmates to state prisons, outside medical appointments, and will extradite individuals arrested in other counties or states who are wanted in Monterey County. The Unit operates a fleet of four buses and ten vans including a van for the disabled.

Bailiff/Court Security Unit This Unit provides court security for the California Superior Court (Monterey County). The bailiffs are responsible for court security, assisting juries, maintaining the decorum of the courts, escorting inmates to and from court, and processing court remands.

Work Alternative Program Work Alternative Information Sheet