Daily Patrol Log

This information is being provided in accordance with the California Public Records Act, Government Code Section 6254(f). Any illegal use of this information may result in criminal prosecution. Information contained here displays yesterday's patrol calls only and will be available on this web page between 7:00 AM and midnight each day. This page will not contain information between midnight and 7:00 AM.

Date of Report: 4/18/2014
Time of Report: 01:02
Deputy Name: Coronel, Dallen
Report Number: 02463-14
Charges: M16
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Location: KING CITY

Date of Report: 4/18/2014
Time of Report: 12:00
Deputy Name: Lopez, Rodrigo
Report Number: 02469-14
Charges: 487(a) PC
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Location: Marina
Synopsis: A male reported a past tense theft from his company's vehicle.

Date of Report: 4/18/2014
Time of Report: 20:55
Deputy Name: Costa, Matthew
Report Number: 02474-14
Charges: 594 PC
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Synopsis: I was dispatched to contact the victim over the telephone for a report of a past tense vandalism that occurred.

Date of Report: 4/18/2014
Time of Report: 22:40
Deputy Name: Garcia, Maria Maria
Report Number: 02481-14
Charges: 1203.2
Suspect Arrested Y/N: Yes
Arrestee: Elizabet Flores Castillo
Location: Apple ave./ 13th St.
Synopsis: During a pedestrian stop, the subject was determined to be in violation of her probation.

Date of Report: 4/18/2014
Time of Report: 16:13
Deputy Name:  
Report Number:  
Charges: Lopez, Rodrigo
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None

Date of Report: 4/18/2014
Time of Report: 12:38
Deputy Name: Mason, David
Report Number: 02468-14
Charges: M19
Suspect Arrested Y/N: No
Arrestee: None
Location: moss landing
Synopsis: RP observed subject standing on the rail of the Moss Landing Bridge who appeared to be looking to jump off the bridge. Subject contacted and determined mental health services were needed.

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