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Unsecured Property Tax

The Monterey County Treasurer-Tax Collector is charged with collection of unsecured taxes.  Types of tax bills on the unsecured roll are: 

Unsecured taxes are made up of approximately 21,000 assessments that contribute $23,000,000 (fiscal year 2013-2014) in revenue for the County, public schools, cities and districts within Monterey County.

Valuation & Computations

The following Departments are responsible for and should be contacted for additional information regarding:

Valuation Computation of Tax

Monterey County Assessor-Clerk-Recorder
168 W. Alisal St., 1st Floor
Post Office Box 570
Salinas, CA 93902-0570
(831) 755-5035  Salinas
(831) 647-7719  Monterey Peninsula

Monterey County Auditor
168 W. Alisal St., 3rd Floor
Post Office Box 390
Salinas, CA 93902-0390
(831) 755-5040 Salinas

Property taxes are levied on property as it exists on January 1st at (12:01 am).  Tax bills are generated every fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) and mailed in mid-July.  Unsecured taxes must be paid on or before August 31st unless otherwise stated. 

Responsibility of taxpayer

The obligation to pay unsecured taxes rests with the assessed owner of record on the lien date (January, 12:01 a.m.).  THE DISPOSAL OF PROPERTY AFTER THE LIEN DATE DOES NOT RELIEVE THE ASSESSED OWNER FROM THE OBLIGATION TO PAY UNSECURED TAXES. The Treasurer-Tax Collector can not prorate taxes. Delinquent unsecured taxes are subject to collection enforcement. 

Business owners

The Assessor mails a Business Property Statement (Form 571L) each year to Business Owners.  Statements are required to be completed and returned to the Assessor on or before April 15th. 

Aircraft and vessel owners

The Assessor periodically mails questionnaires to owners concerning property location and conditions.  Statements should be returned by the due date stated. 

Unsecured Assessment Appeals
Homeowner's & Other Exemptions