Monterey County Military & Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission


January 11, 2012

Chair called meeting to order at 3:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Members present:  Sid Williams, Ralph Villar, Frank Aguillon, Ronald Holland, James Bogan, Charlie Eskridge, Abel Quinones.

Also present:  Tom Griffin (VSO), Michael McFadden (Principal Office Assistant, MVAO).

Minutes from November 9, 2011 meeting were approved.


Report  from the Chair:  1) Official comment will be made from Chair on the passing of Bruce Evans. 2) Letter of appreciation will be sent to Board of Supervisors for the extension of FOR A and encouraging its continued extension.

Committee Reports:

  1. Pending State & Federal Legislation (Abel Quinones): Congress has until February 29 to approve Medicare as is or to change it.
  1. Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Update (James Bogan): M.O.U. approved by City of Seaside, County of Monterey, and FOR A.  Committee is working toward more fundraising.
  1. VA Clinic (Charlie Eskridge):  Nothing new to report.
  1. Stand Down (Ron Holland): Meeting held on January 9.  Another will be held on January 18. Ron Holland and Tom Griffin will meet with members of the Military, the Administration, and the V.A.  Grants have been submitted, but no funding has been released yet.  Flyers will be out on Friday, January 13.
  1. Veteran of the Year Program (Juan Sanchez):  Photos were taken at the last VOY banquet.  If want them, see Chair Sid Williams
  1. Military & Veterans Affairs Report (Tom Griffin):  Mr. Griffin gave MVAAC a written report.  He mentioned: Agent Orange claims for Korea will likely be denied;  Wallgreens will not be accepting Tri-Care prescriptions;  UCMJ issues;   Some military chaplains are refusing to marry homosexual couples;  Military retirement will probably not change for those currently receiving it or who are currently serving;  Stolen Valor update; UVC van donation accepted by Board of Supervisors.

Unfinished Business:  None.

New Business:

  1. Election of Officers for 2012.  Sid Williams nominated for Chair by Frank Aguillon, seconded by Abel Quinones.  Juan Sanchez nominated for Vice Chair by James Bogan.  Motion to close nominations by Ralph Villar, seconded by James Bogan.
  1. Expired commissioner terms reconciliation/updating with MOCO records. All members asked to notify Mr. Griffin of any changes from the current listing.
  1. Discussion of commissioner responsibilities. Chair concerned about membersí attendance at meetings; adequate attendance is necessary to conduct business.  By-laws allow two excused absences per year.  A retreat for the members has been proposed on February 25, from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M., at the VTC conference room, to discuss Veteran of the Year event, by-laws, and commissioner responsibilities. Members asked to bring their lunch. E-mail will be sent by VSO office, with response to be given to Chair.
  1. Letter will be sent to Board of Supervisors informing them of vacancy on the Commission.

Commission Membersí Comments:  No additional comments.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:15 P.M.

Next Meeting:  March 14, 2012.

Respectfully Submitted by Tom Griffin, VSO, ex officio, Secretary

Prepared by Michael M. McFadden
Principal Office Assistant
Military and Veterans Affairs Office