Monterey County Military & Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission



November 14, 2012


Chair called meeting to order at 3:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Members present:  Sid Williams, Ralph Villar, James Bogan, Dan Presser, Ron Holland, Juan Sanchez.

Also present: Tom Griffin (VSO), Michael McFadden (Principal Office Assistant, MVAO), Fernando Romo-Marquez (Veterans Representative, MVAO), Timothy Hobbs (Veterans Representative, MVAO).

Claudia Link, aide to and on behalf of Supervisor Lou Calcagno, presented a resolution to Frank Aguillon, erstwhile commission member, for his long years of service.  

On motion of Dan Presser and second of Ralph Villar, the minutes of September 12, 2012 were unanimously approved, with noted correction that Ron Holland was in attendance at September 12, 2012 MVAAC meeting.


Report  from the Chair:  Sid Williams thanked Juan Sanchez for planning the Veteran of the Year banquet, and thanked James Bogan for serving as the Master of Ceremonies.  He reminded the commission of Charlie Eskridge’s passing.

Committee Reports

Pending State & Federal Legislation (Abel Quinones absent).  Tom Griffin had nothing new to report.

Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Update: James Bogan reported that progress is moving slowly.  It was also stated by the Chair that as part of the EIR for Monterey Downs and the Ft. Ord Veterans Cemetery, there will have to be sufficient water to support these projects.

Veteran of the Year Program:  Juan Sanchez thanked James Bogan for his presence and help with the event, in Mr. Sanchez’ absence.  A letter of thanks to the Elks Club will be drafted by the Chair.

VA Clinic:  Mr. Griffin presented pictures of the new VA clinic to be built in Marina, followed by discussion.

Military & Veterans Affairs Report:  (Tom Griffin):  Mr. Griffin distributed a printed report and reviewed the VA pending claim information.  He introduced Tim Hobbs and Fernando Romo-Marquez as the two newly-hired  and accredited Military and Veterans Representatives for Monterey County. 

Unfinished Business:  None.               

New Business:  Updated MVAAC by-laws have been approved by the Board of Supervisors and were distributed to the MVAAC members.  Rick Martin will replace Frank Aguillon on the Commission, and the UVC will find an individual to replace Charlie Eskridge.  Mr. Griffin will speak with Supervisor Potter and his representative about their representation on MVAAC.  In considering MVAAC membership in FOR A, it was noted that the Legislature in Sacramento would have to approve any new FOR A membership.  It was agreed that asking the VOY honorees or their widows to speak at the recent banquet was a positive experience for all.   It was also agreed that Sid Williams will be the MVAAC representative on the Ft. Ord Veterans Cemetery Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC). There was also a discussion of the requirements of membership on the commission and the importance of staying within the now approved by-laws; it was agreed that the Chair would send a letter to any members not meeting attendance requirements and ask them to either attend or resign.

Commission Members’ Comments:  A moment of silence was held to honor the memory of Charlie Eskridge.


Meeting was adjourned at 4:10 P.M.

Next Meeting:  January 9, 2013.


Prepared by Michael M. McFadden

Principal Office Assistant

Military and Veterans Affairs Office