Monterey County Military & Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission


March 13, 2013


Chair called meeting to order at 3:03 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Members present:  Sid Williams, James Bogan, Dan Presser, Ron Holland, Michael O’Brien,

Scott Dick.

Also present: Tom Griffin (VSO), Wes Morrill (MVAO Staff), Michael McFadden (Principal Office Assistant, MVAO).


A moment of silence was observed to honor the passing of Abel Quinones.

Minutes from November 14, 2012 meeting approved (Bogan/O’Brien).  Minutes from January 9, 2013 meeting approved (Bogan/Presser). Minutes from January 14, 2013 meeting approved (O’Brien/Holland).

Report  from the Chair:  Sid Williams welcomed Scott Dick as the new representative for Supervisor Potter’s district.  He informed the Commission that Supervisor Jane Parker has nominated Hazel Tompkins to be her representative for MVAAC.  A Heroes Open meeting will be held on Thursday, March 21, at 1:00 P.M., in the FORA conference room for those interested in attending.

The special election meeting held on January 14, 2013, yielded the following results:

Sid Williams was elected Chair, James Bogan was elected Vice Chair, Mike O’Brien was appointed

Parliamentarian by Sid Williams, and the VSO and VSO Recorder will continue to serve as Secretary.

Committee Reports: 

Pending State & Federal Legislation:  Scott Dick appointed by Sid Williams to keep MVAAC

informed of legislative developments.

Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Update: (James Bogan). The Veterans Cemetery site has been cleared. The City of Seaside and the County are working to transfer the parcel to the State.

Veteran of the Year Program: ( James Bogan). The VOY program will be held on November 2, 2013, at the Monterey Elks Lodge.  The menus, time, and cost for the event will be presented at the

next MVAAC meeting on May 8, 2013.

VA Clinic:  (James Bogan).    

Military & Veterans Affairs Report:  (Tom Griffin):  Mr. Griffin distributed a handout of interest to veterans, and reviewed the highlights verbally.   

 Unfinished Business:

1.  Sid Williams led discussion of the printed format to be used by MVAAC to report to the Board of Supervisors after each MVAAC meeting.  He asked all Commission members to bring their proposals to the May 8, 2013 meeting for further discussion.        

New Business:  None.

Commission Members’ Comments:  None.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:08 P.M.

Next Meeting:  May 8, 2013. 

Prepared by Michael M. McFadden

Principal Office Assistant

Military and Veterans Affairs Office