Minutes of  January 10, 2007  meeting of the Monterey County Military and

Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission.


Jack Stewart, Commission Chair called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.


Members present: Jack Stewart Chair, Frank Aguillon, Ralph Channell, Charlie Eskridge, Bruce Evans, Eddie Pedrozo, E.T. Price, Abel Quinones, James Soares and Ralph Villar


Members absent: none (two vacancies)


Quorum of members present for Commission business.


Report From the Chair: Report attached.  

Motion and second (Soares/Aguillon) to accept the agenda process stated in Chairman Stewart’s report.  Motion passed.

It was also decided that generic business cards for Commission members would be obtained.

Chairman Stewart introduced Eddie Pedrozo, United Veterans Council appointee to the Commission and thanked James Coldwell, Janet Parks and James Soares for their contributions while serving on the Military & Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission.


Rito Guerra, District Representative presented a Resolution memorializing the life of Frederick Johnsen, who died November 16, 2006, to his spouse, Edith Johnsen, former 3rd District Supervisor for the County of Monterey.


Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting: Minutes of meeting November were mailed to the Advisory Commission members.

Minutes were corrected to indicate that Commissioner Bruce Evans was not in attendance.  Minutes were approved as corrected.


Election of Officers: Nominations: Eddie Pedrozo nominated as Chair.  Abel Quinones Nominated as Vice-Chair.

Motion and second (Soares/Aguillon) for an uncontested ballot for the Commission Chair.  Motion passed.

Motion and second (Eskridge/Soares) for an uncontested ballot for the Commission Vice-Chair.  Motion passed.


Public comment: Kevin Moore of Army Community Services gave a presentation on the Armed Forced Family Action Plan (AFAP) focus groups scheduled for February 15 at Presidio Monterey.

Mike O’Ryan gave a presentation on the Four Chaplin Service scheduled for February 11, at the Ft. Ord chapel.


Committee Reports:


1.      Legislation (Mr. Channell):  No report


2.  Central Coast Veterans’ Cemetery (Mr. Channell): Reported on a meeting with County staff  regarding the establishment of a Veterans Cemetery Citizens’ Advisory Committee, under the County Redevelopment Authority.

Mr. Quinones reported on a conversation with Secretary Thomas Johnson of the California Department of Veterans Affairs.


3.  VSO Report: (Mr. Garza): Report attached.

Jerry Smith, 4th District Supervisor, responded to questions about the Citizens Advisory Committee structure.

Craig O’Donnell, of Assemblyman Laird’s district staff, reported on the status of the Cemetery project in Sacramento.

Motion and second (Stewart/Eskridge) to support the proposed Advisory Committee structure.  Motion passed.


4.  Veteran of the Year (Mr. Quinones): Reported that a new venue for holding the Veteran of the Year award dinner is being sought.


5.   VA Clinic (Mr. Eskridge): New parking lot, with a lot of handicapped parking, has been completed.  Pharmacy has not yet reopened.


Old Business:



New Business: Designation of a military community representative as an ex officio member of the Commission.

After discussion it was decided to invite a military community representative to participate on the Commission without designating that individual as an ex officio member, thus avoiding the need to revise Commission by-laws.  A letter from the Chair to the garrison commander at Presidio was suggested as a means to get the military to participate in relevant Commission matters.


Next Meeting:

March 14, 2007, 3:00 pm at VFW Post 811, 3131 Crescent Avenue, Marina.


Meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm


Respectfully submitted by Richard Garza, ex officio, Secretary.