Minutes for July 11, 2007
Meeting of the Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission

Eddie Pedrozo, Commission Chair called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

Members present: Eddie Pedrozo, Chair, Frank Aguillon, Ralph (Norm) Channell, Charlie Eskridge, Bruce Evans, Mack Jacobs, Abel Quinones, Juan Sanchez, Jack Stewart and Ralph Villar

Members Excused:

Members absent: E.T. Price

Quorum of members present for Commission business.

Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting: Minutes of meeting May 9, 2007 were mailed to the Advisory Commission members. Motion (Mr. Stewart) and second (Mr. Villar) to accept the minutes as mailed. Motion carried.

Public comment: None

Report From the Chair: Mr. Pedrozo noted recent Fourth of July observances and welcomed 3rd District Representative, Juan Sanchez to the Commission.

Committee Reports:

1. Legislation (Mr. Quinones): No report. Mr. Villar distributed a page from a Social Security newsletter regarding SSA eligibility.

2. Central Coast Veterans’ Cemetery (Mr. Channell): Mr. Channell reported on the June 25, 2007 meeting of the Veterans’ Cemetery Citizens Advisory Committee and the Staff Working Group meeting of July 3, 2007. Mr. Stewart asked about the status of waiver of FORA fees for any land sale proposed that may be recommended to fund the State cemetery endowment. Mr. Garza noted that no action had been proposed or taken on this item yet.

3. Veteran of the Year (Mr. Quinones): Monterey County District Attorney, Dean Flippo, has accepted an invitation to be the main speaker at the VOY dinner. Selection of nominees will take place in closed session immediately following this public session.

4. VA Clinic (Mr. Eskridge): Nothing to report

5. VSO Report: (Mr. Garza): Written report distributed. Mr. Quinones noted that VA mileage reimbursement has been increased and is scheduled to rise to the full IRS authorized mileage rate “in the middle of next year”.

Old Business:

Proposed changes to County’s veterans’ preference hiring policy: Mr. Stewart distributed a proposed revision to the Monterey County veterans hiring preference policy. Motion (Mr. Stewart), second (Mr. Villar) to accept proposed changes and forward to Board of Supervisors.

New Business:

By-laws: Mr. Stewart pointed out that the number of absences by Commission members from meetings is limited by the by-laws. Motion (Mr. Stewart), second (Mr. Villar) that a letter from the Commission Chair be sent to any member of the Board of Supervisors whose appointee has been absent from more meetings than permitted in the by-laws. Mr. Channel expressed strong opposition to the practice of going directly to the appointing Supervisor, with out first contact the absent Commission member. Motion carried.

Chair Pedrozo appointed a committee of Mr. Stewart, Mr. Quinones and himself to review the by-laws.

Next Meeting:

September 12, 2007, 3:00 pm at VFW Post 811, 3131 Crescent Avenue, Marina.

Meeting adjourned to closed session at 4:00 pm to consider Veteran of the Year nominations.

Closed session adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Richard Garza, ex officio, Secretary.