Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission

Minutes of Meeting September 14, 2011


Sid Williams, Commission Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM.

Pledge of allegiance

Members present:  Sid Williams, Frank Aguillon, Ralph Villar, Abel Quinones, Ron Holland.

Also present:  Tom Griffin (VSO), Wes Morrill (MAII, MVAO),  Michael McFadden (POA, MVAO).

Not a quorum of members present.

Minutes from July 13 meeting were not read/approved, due to lack of quorum.  Will be placed on agenda for next meeting to be approved.

PUBLIC COMMENTS:  Tom Griffin, VSO, introduced Wes Morrill, MAII, as new member of MVAO staff.

Report  from the Chair:   Sid Williams reported that James Bogan has resigned from CAC, so there is a vacancy on CAC for the 4th District.  If anyone has names to suggest, they need to be given to Supervisor Jane Parker or her representative.

Committee Reports:

  1. Pending State & Federal Legislation (Abel Quinones):  Nothing has been done that affects veterans since Congress came back into session after Labor Day.

  1. Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Update (James Bogan):  James Bogan absent.  Ralph Villar reported that AB629 signed into law by Governor Brown, a report was made by the Monterey Downs Horse Park, and the November 12 golf tournament fundraiser is upcoming.

  1. VA Clinic (Charlie Eskridge):  Charlie Eskridge absent.  Ralph Villar reminded us that flu vaccines are available there.  Also shingles shots.

  1. Stand Down (Ron Holland):  Members received a handout with the details concerning upcoming Stand Down, June, 2012.  We expect 200+ homeless veterans, and 400-600 volunteers.

  1. Veteran of the Year Program (Juan Sanchez):  Juan Sanchez absent.  Award ceremony/dinner planned for Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2 PM.  Representative Monning will be speaking.  An MC is needed; Ralph Villar has volunteered.  Ticket sales beginning October 1, 2011.

  1. Military & Veterans Affairs Report (Tom Griffin):  Nothing additional added to what has already been discussed.

Unfinished Business:  None.

New Business:   Abel Quinones reporting.  Discussion of Governor Brown’s creation of the California Interagency Council on Veterans, with a handout provided. 

Commission Members’ Comments:  Ralph Villar suggested that we encourage veterans to use the 2-1-1 number.  Tom Griffin provided Van Trip statistics.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:54 PM.

Next Meeting: November 9, 2011.

Respectfully Submitted by Tom Griffin, VSO, ex officio, Secretary

Prepared by Michael M. McFadden

Principal Office Assistant

Military and Veterans Affairs Office