Monterey County Military& Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission


November 9, 2011

Sid Williams, Commission Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM.

Pledge of Allegiance.

Members present:  Sid Williams, Juan Sanchez, James Bogan, Tom Davis, Ralph Villar, Ron Holland.

Also present:  Mike Magpusao, Tom Griffin (VSO), Wes Morrill (MAII, MVAO),  Michael McFadden (POA, MVAO).

July 13, 2011, minutes were approved.  September 14, 2011, minutes were approved. 


New Business:  Presentation/Discussion of Drop-In-Center Project: (Mike Magpusao, Afghan Veteran) given permission to make presentation earlier than stated on the agenda.  He gave proposed floor-plan of the facility, and overview of the proposal.  Proposed location is 24 – Hour Fitness Gym in Salinas.  Has some funding, but needs continuous funding.  Ron Holland mentioned space at VTC that could be utilized, and another referral was given to Mr. Magpusao.

Report  from the Chair:   Sid Williams thanked all who worked to make the Veteran of the Year banquet a success.

Committee Reports:

  1. Pending State & Federal Legislation (Abel Quinones):  Budget constraints/cuts at the Federal level may impact our ability to service veterans’ needs.
  2. Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Update (James Bogan): County passed M.O.U.; City of Seaside did not pass M.O.U.  CAC meeting to be held on Thursday, 11/10/2011, at 1:00 P.M.
  3. VA Clinic (Charlie Eskridge):  Will have fundraiser from 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. on Thursday, 11/10/2011.
  4. Stand Down (Ron Holland): Meeting to be held Friday, 11/18/2011, 9:00 A.M.  Tom Griffin will begin to give priority in January of 2012 to the upcoming stand-down to be held in June, 2012.  Beth Kane will be heading the women’s committee.
  5. Veteran of the Year Program (Juan Sanchez):  Juan thanked all of us. McFadden reported that 115 meals were served.  A disc with pictures of the event were given to Tom Griffin.  Monies and invoice to be given to James Bogan.
  6. Military & Veterans Affairs Report (Tom Griffin): Mr. Griffin gave MVAAC a written report; he mentioned COLA, list of Veterans’ Day events, chaplains refusing to marry same-sex couples, some increases in Tri-Care, the forthcoming American withdrawal from Iraq.

Unfinished Business:  None.

New Business:   (Presented at beginning of meeting) 

Commission Members’ Comments:  Ralph Villar encouraged MVAAC members to attend Veterans’ Day events.  Golf tournament is Saturday, November 12.  The next agenda needs to include elections in January, 2012, for new MVAC officers.

A discussion was held concerning MVAC members’ stepping up to the plate (or lack thereof) when it concerns keeping their Supervisor updated, when, how often, the nomination process for the VOY and how it seemed to lack MVAC members’ support, MVAC meeting attendance: to be addressed further at next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:35 P.M.

Next Meeting: January 11, 2012.

Respectfully Submitted by Tom Griffin, VSO, ex officio, Secretary

Prepared by Michael M. McFadden

Principal Office Assistant

Military and Veterans Affairs Office