Monterey County Military and Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission

Minutes of Meeting January 14, 2009

Eddie Pedrozo, Commission Chair, called the meeting to order at 3:00 pm.

Members present: Frank Aguillon, Richard Barratt, Charlie Eskridge, Bruce Evans, E.T. Price, Abel Quinones, Juan Sanchez , Jack Stewart, Ralph Villar

Members absent: Mack Jacobs

Quorum of members present for Commission business.

Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting: Minutes of meeting November 12, 2008             were mailed to the Advisory Commission members.  Motion (Mr. Stewart) and second to accept the minutes as amended.  Motion carried.

Public comment: Norm Channell introduced the newly appointed member to the Commission for the 5th Supervisorial District, Richard Barratt.

Report From the Chair: Mr. Pedrozo welcomed everyone and wished them a happy New Year.

Committee Reports:

Legislation (Mr. Quinones): Recommended that members study the proposed options for Tricare for Life on the GPO website and support the best one.


Central Coast Veterans’ Cemetery (Mr. Channell): Reported on the status of the MOU between the City of Seaside and County of Monterey.  It is still pending.  County staff have received direction form the Board of Supervisors.  James Bogan reported that City and County staff met Monday, December 12 to discuss details of the MOU.  Mr Stewart asked for clarification of the need for the State to have an assurance of funding before the end of February.  Mr. Garza replied that a conference call was being set up between Jim Cook, County Redevelopment Director, Jack Kirwan, CDVA Deputy Secretary for Administration and himself to discuss this issue.  The problem, as described by Mr. Kirwan, was the need get funding for the cemetery application into the CDVA budget, which is due in February. 


Before any appropriation can be requested the State needs a guarantee that the funding required under AB 3035 must be available before June 30.  Mr. Stewart also reported on the formation and role of the CAC Fund Raising Liaison Subcommittee.

Veteran of the Year (Mr. Sanchez): Details of the financial closeout of the VOYA dinner were not available.  Mr. Sanchez also reported on the “lessons learned” in his planning of this event.  Mr. Aguillon commented on the process for getting nominations for the VOY Award from Board of Supervisors members.

VA Clinic (Mr. Eskridge): Van service from Watsonville and Salinas to the VA Monterey Outpatient Clinic has begun once of twice per week.  Appointment scheduling is being more efficiently done.  The study on the joint DoD/VA Clinic has been completed.


VSO Report: (Mr. Garza): A written report was distributed to the Advisory Commission members. 

Old Business: Election of Officers:  Eddie Pedrozo was nominated for Commission Chair and Juan Sanchez was nominated as Commission Vice-Chair at the last meeting.  Nominations were reopened.  There were no further nominations for either office.  Motion (Mr. Villar) and second that a unanimous ballot be cast for Mr. Pedrozo and Mr. Sanchez..  Motion carried. 

New Business: Parking meter fee waiver for veterans’ license plates.  Mr Garza reported that there was legislation passed that authorizes local jurisdictions to waiver parking meter charges for vehicles displaying certain veterans’ plates (MOH, Purple Heart, POW and others).  The Commission directed the Chair to look into this matter.

Commission Member Comments: Mr. Quinones asked if there was any means of getting announcements of Commission and CAC meetings into the press.  Mr. Garza replied that meeting notices are sent to the press and that they are published.

Mr. Aguillon asked about getting items on the Commission meeting agenda.  Mr. Garza stated that he is staff for the entire Commission and that if any member had an item he or she wanted to see placed on the agenda to contact him and it would be.

Next Meeting:

March 11, 2009, 3:00 pm at VFW Post 811, 3131 Crescent Avenue, Marina.

Meeting adjourned 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Richard Garza, ex officio, Secretary