Thursday, January 9, 2014

1:00 PM

The Carpenters’ Hall

910 2nd Avenue, Marina, CA


I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by James Bogan at 1:00 P.M.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jack Stewart.

Roll call was conducted. (Wes Morrill) – Quorum was present.

Due to the emergency need for action at this time, it was unanimously agreed to add “Election of Officers” to today’s agenda.

Roll Call:


James Bogan, Chair, United Veterans Council.  Ralph Villar, BOS District 1.  Rick Martin, BOS District 2.  Lionardo Ortiz, BOS District 3.  Ralph Sirtak, BOS District 4.  Bill Nye, BOS District 5.  Jack Stewart, Vice Chair, United Veterans Council.

Ex officio:

Sid Williams (Military and Veterans Affairs Advisory Commission).  J.P. Nunn (Ft. Ord Retiree Council).  Sonja Arndt (Congressman Sam Farr).  Nicole Charles (State Senator Bill Monning).  Erica Parker (Assemblymember Mark Stone).  Stephen Jorgensen (California Dept. of Veterans Affairs).  Leslie Llandero, for Tim O’Halloran (City of Seaside).  Edith Johnsen (Vet Families/Fund Raising).  Janet Parks and Candace Ingram (Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation).  Tom Mancini (Ft. Ord Reuse Authority).  Wes Morrill, VSO Staff,  Michael McFadden, Recorder, VSO Staff.


Rich Garza (Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation).  George Dixon (Secretary, Monterey

County VSO).

II. Approval of December 12, 2013 Minutes:

The minutes of December, 2013 were unanimously approved (Stewart/Nye).

III. CAC Chairman Activity Report: 

Jack Stewart expressed gratitude for all the work done toward the Veterans Cemetery.  He also stated that the role of CAC would be shifting from its previous purpose to providing input concerning the upcoming phases of the Cemetery.

IV. Public Comment:


V. Update on Federal Legislation:

Sonia Arndt reported the USDVA official responsible for National Cemeteries and the Chief Planner conducted a site visit of the Ft. Ord Veterans Cemetery property on January 8th along with teams of State personnel who will ultimately be responsible for construction of the cemetery.

VI. Update on State Senate Legislation:

 Nicole Charles stated that the next items to be dealt with will be any environmental issues that need to be resolved in the design and construction of the Cemetery.

VII. Update on State Assembly Legislation:

Erica Parker expressed her appreciation for the legislative and Veterans community collaboration on the Cemetery.

VIII. Update on Endowment Parcel/Seaside Matters:

Leslie Llandero was present to represent Tim O”Halloran.  No report.

IX. Update from FORA:

Robert Norris reported for Jonathan Garcia.

X.  Report from Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation:

Janet Parks stated that she is awaiting the financial report from a recently held fundraiser for the Cemetery.  She also reported a contribution in the amount of $5,300 was made to the Foundation.

XI. Update from Fundraising Liaison Subcommittee:

Edith Johnsen informed the Committee the Carmel Pine Cone ran a recent article reporting that all monies needed for the Phase 1 of the Cemetery have been raised.  Phase 2 will now be the new focus of the Foundation.  Planning has begun for the next Heroes Open Golf Tournament to be held this year. The net profit for the 2013 Heroes Open was approximately $22,000.

XII. Election of Officers:

James Bogan unanimously approved on uncontested ballot for 2014 Chair.

Jack Stewart unanimously approved on uncontested ballot for 2014 Vice Chair.

XIII. Adjournment/Next Meeting:  Meeting adjourned at 2:20 P.M.  Next meeting is February 13, 2014. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Michael M. McFadden

VSO Recorder, for

George Dixon

Monterey County VSO