Thursday, June 13, 2013

1:00 PM

The Carpenters’ Hall

910 2nd Avenue, Marina, CA

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the Chair at 1:10 P.M.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by the Chair.

Roll call was conducted. (Wes Morrill) – Quorum was present.

Roll Call:


James Bogan, Chair, United Veterans Council.   Ralph Villar, BOS District 1.  Rick Martin, BOS District 2.  Ralph Sirtak, BOS District 4.  Bill Nye, BOS District 5.  Jack Stewart, Vice Chair, United Veterans Council. 

Ex officio:

Sonja Arndt (Congressman Sam Farr).  Nicole Charles (State Senator Bill Monning).  Erica Parker (Assemblymember Mark Stone).  Stephen Jorgensen, CDVA.  Tim O’Halloran, City of Seaside.  Edith Johnsen, Veterans’ Families/Fundraising.  Tom Mancini, Ft. Ord Reuse Authority.  Wes Morrill, Monterey County Interim VSO


Lionardo Ortiz

II. Approval of May 9, 2013 Minutes and Special Meeting May 17 Minutes:

The minutes of May 9, 2013 were unanimously approved (Nye/Stewart).

 The minutes of the special meeting of May 17, 2013 were unanimously approved (Stewart/Nye)

III. A.  CAC Chairman Activity Report: 

The Chair reported he’d attended multiple meetings related to legislative and administrative activities pertaining to funding Phase I of the cemetery

IV. Public Comments (Limited to 3 minutes each):


V. Update on pertinent Federal legislative activities:

Sonja Arndt, representing Congressman Sam Farr, reported a $1.5 million dollar line item in the California 2013-14 budget is moving through the approval process and should be on the Governor’s desk for consideration shortly. Should this not be vetoed by the Governor; the allocation would take place with the USDVA fully reimbursing the allocation to the State once the application is approved by USDVA and the USDVA funding stream commences

In addition, the amount required for the Operations and Management (O&M) deposit estimated at $256,000 would consist of $200,000 which has been pledged by the Cemetery Foundation, and a potential loan from CDVA of the remaining balance of $56,000. (not approved as of this date) The loan of $56,000 from CDVA, if approved by that agency, would not be reimbursable by USDVA funding and would a local community repayment obligation.

VI. Update on pending State Senate Legislation: 

Nicole Charles, representing State Senator Bill Monning, provided additional details relative to the allocation described by Ms. Arndt. The full budget including this allocation will be voted only the Legislature no later than June 15 at which time the Governor would then have the ability to exercise his line item veto rights.

Ms. Charles emphasized the “Monterey Downs” project is neither part of, nor included in Phase I of the cemetery development and should not be linked to the cemetery establishment process.

VII. Update on State Assembly Legislation:

Erica Parker, representing Assemblymember Mark Stone, affirmed their office continues to work with the offices of Congressman Farr and State Senator Monning the Cemetery project.  Additionally, Mr. Parkers reported SB 106 which is required in conjunction with approval of the 2013-14 $1.5 million dollar allocation is working through the voting process.  This bill consists of “clean-up” language clarifying certain aspects of the State managed Endowment Fund” for the cemetery and further clarifies that should any proposals put forth to commence the establishment of the cemetery be denied or do not come to fruition, funds donated or loaned for this purpose would revert back to the donor(s) / agencies.  Hearing on this bill will take place on June 14.

VIII. Update on Endowment Parcel/Seaside Matters:

Tim O’Halloran projected the Endowment Parcel will be available for sale in 2015 and not before.  The EIR report continues to be prepared and is now not projected to be complete until year end.

IX. Update from FORA:

Jonathan Garcia was unable to attend and a memorandum from his office was distributed reviewing the FORA meeting Agenda for June 21. (Note the meeting date change from the regular date). The memorandum also addressed questions posed about alternative access to the cemetery site via Parker Flats Cutoff instead of via Parker Flats Road.

X.  Report from Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation:

No report.

XI. Update: Fundraising Liaison Subcommittee:

Edith Johnsen reported the Heroes Open fundraising committee will meet on June 20.  No further report at this time.

New Business: Revised Committee By-Laws

Mr. Morrill distributed copies of what was emailed to the Committee of both the “mark-up” set submitted by the County in 2012 and the proposed revised set as developed by the Ad Hoc Committee.  The Chair requested the voting members to finalize their review and to return at the July Committee meeting prepared to vote and recommend the final version to the County Board of Supervisors.  Mr. Morrill will coordinate this with the Board and also work to move forward with the Board to have them formally be acknowledged as the “successor agency” overseeing the CAC.

The meeting was adjourned 1:45 P.M.  The next meeting will be July 11, 2013.

Respectfully submitted,

Wes Morrill

Monterey County Interim VSO