Marina Library Community Meeting Room

January 13th, 2011



       Members & Alternates Present:

James Bogan (Chair, District 4), Ralph Villar (District 1), Frank Aguillon (District 2), Leonard Ortiz (District 3), Bill Nye (District 5), Juan Sanchez (Monterey County Military & Veteran’s Advisory Commission), Jack Stewart (United Veterans Council), Stephen Jorgensen (California Department of Veterans Affairs), Clark Larson (City of Seaside), Edith Johnsen (Veterans’ Families), Janet Parks (Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation), Bruce Evans (Ft. Ord Retiree Council), Tom Mancini (Ft. Ord Reuse Authority), Nicole Charles (Representing Assemblymember Bill Monning), David Meyerson (Representing15th Senate District, Senator Sam Blakeslee), Sam Farr (Congressman, 17th District), Julian Chacon (Alternate Representative for Congressman Sam Farr), Thomas Griffin (VSO, Monterey County)



            Thomas Griffin, Secretary, Ex Officio and Jenn San, Recorder



            An McDowell, Former Field Representative for Assemblymember Bill Monning

            Greg Nakanishi, Cemetery Foundation Financial Analyst Volunteer


I.          Welcome

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by Chair, James Bogan.


II.                Adoption of the December 9th, 2010 Minutes

Nye / Villar, MSC


III.             Public Comment

Bill Nye received a check for Cemetery Foundation for $250 from the Big Sur River Inn.  James Bogan presented a letter of appreciation to An McDowell on behalf of MVAAC.


IV.              Update on pertinent federal legislative activities – Sam Farr

Sam thanked everyone for all their efforts in sticking to the plan to build the cemetery. Noted success of fixing the reimbursement rate from $300-$700 for burial benefits; resulting in a decrease in operational cost.  Mr. Stewart thanked Mr. Farr for being steadfast with CAC. Ms. Johnsen noted gratefulness for Mr. Farr’s flexibility and ability to understand how to work the system.  Also for listening locally and taking it nationally.  Mr. Cook also thanked Sam Farr for his commitment and for bringing us closer than ever.  IBank is meeting with CDVA on the 24th to see availability of funds. Greg Nakanishi noted that we need to have the money by April or May – time is of the essence.


V.                 Update on pending state legislation – Nicole Charles

Nicole reported that they are still trying to set up coordination meetings.  Time is urgent, but progress is being made.


VI.              Update on status of sale of Cemetery endowment parcel – Jim Cook / Clark Larson

Jim reported that the Board of Supervisors approved an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement (ENA) with Partners of the Horse Park Project. The developers are completing the due diligence phase of their investigation prior to making a decision on the project.


VII.           Update regarding FOR A grant – Jonathan Garcia

Jonathan reported that Winston Engineers are developing a budget document for CDVA.  Once document is complete, the dollar amount will be known.


VIII.        Report from Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation – Janet Parks

Janet noted golf tournament made over $15,000 net.  It was a learning experience; had pros and cons.  She will be talking to the Hollister VFW to discuss cemetery. 


IX.              Update from Fundraising liaison subcommittee – Edith Johnsen

The Fundraising liaison subcommittee will have to wait to see what the foundation has in mind for next project.  Suggested that we create a package to see how much we need and work towards that goal instead of waiting. When an assumption is made, we have to believe in it ourselves to make it happen, just like the burial benefits.


X.                 Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 pm. Next meeting February 10th, 2011, at Marina Library.