Thursday, December 9th, 2010

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Marina Library Community Meeting Room

190 Seaside Circle, Marina


  1. James Bogan, Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.  A roll call of members was conducted.

Present – Ralph Villar (District 1), Leonard Ortiz (District 3), James Bogan (District 4), Bill Nye (District 5), Abel Quinones (United Veterans Council), Jack Stewart (United Veterans Council)

Ex officio – Stephen Jorgensen (California Department of Veterans Affairs), Clark Larson (City of Seaside), Edith Johnsen (Veterans’ Families), Janet Parks (Central Coast Veterans Cemetery Foundation), Bruce Evans (Ft. Ord Retiree Council), Tom Mancini (Ft. Ord Reuse Authority), Nicole Charles (Representing Assemblymember Bill Monning),


Absent: Frank Aguillon (District 2), Juan Sanchez (Monterey County Military & Veteran’s Advisory Commission), David Meyerson (Representing15th Senate District, Senator Blakeslee), Julian Chacon (Representing Congressman Sam Farr)


  1. Approval of minutes of November 18th, 2010 meeting: Motion (Mr. Nye) and second (Mr. Stewart) to approve the minutes.  Motion carried. 


  1. Public Comment – War Horse Protection Society spoke about that organization’s Fort Ord equestrian center based project.  They have the horses, historic paraphernalia and caisson for use at funerals at the new cemetery and want to offer that service. Received favorable comments.


  1. Nicole Charles reported that there was no new information yet.


  1. Clark Larson, City of Seaside, reported that we are still in negotiations with Horse Park; are pursuing due diligence on study for endowment parcel, deadline mid February 2011.  State prepared an estimate of project budget.  Greg Nakanishi reported a need for $1.25 million to build cemetery, based on assumption of burial benefit at $700.  Raw data shows that 80% of burials could come from surrounding counties. Can use that data to project for Ft. Ord Cemetery.  Steve Jorgensen, CDVA, need to get Letter of Intent in by mid January from CAC to get preliminary approval and inclusion in 2011 state budget cycle.  Late March 2011, if administration approves request, the item will be added to the June 2011 budget.  James Bogan noted the need to have dates in writing.


  1. Jonathan Garcia, FORA, reported work is ongoing.  Possible to borrow money from FORA for back up to letter of intent state needs by (January 11, 2011). 


  1. Janet Parks noted golf tournament report is forthcoming.


  1. Edith Johnsen had no report this month.


  1. Thomas Griffin introduced Calvin Angel, CDVA Regional Collaborative Coordinator.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 1:55 pm. Next meeting January 13th, 2011, at Marina Library.


Respectfully submitted by Thomas H. Griffin, Acting Secretary, ex officio.