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Responding to Trauma: Basic Concepts & Skills

Presented by Kristin Dempsey, LMFT, LPCC, Ed.D.


  • Kristin Dempsey



Course Objective(s)

  • List the three components of the brain most involved in the impact of trauma on the brain. 

  • Name the three categories of the Adverse Childhood Experiences tool. 

  • Identify the window of tolerance and describe the states of hyper-and hypo-arousal

  • Apply at least three mindfulness skills used to help individuals engage with the present moment and increase their windows of tolerance. 

  • Apply two distress tolerance techniques to assist individuals in reducing impulsive behaviors and increase emotional regulation when stress response is activated.

Course Description

This training will focus on a trauma informed care approach to behavioral health intervention, including a focus on what happened to people, instead of what is wrong with them.   Mindfulness and distress tolerance techniques will be taught as mechanisms for coping with trauma. 

Continuing Education

Hours (Overall class duration)

6.5 hours

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