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Monterey County Releases COVID19 Care and Shelter/Alternate Site Plan and Locations

Post Date:04/14/2020 12:59 PM

Even while Monterey County residents are working to flatten the curve and reduce the impact of coronavirus on our community, it may not be enough to avoid the need for additional spaces to care for those made sick or impacted by COVID-19. 

As the County declared a local emergency and Shelter in Place Orders were put into place last month, a county team began an extensive project to create contingencies should there be a need to care for and shelter residents who are vulnerable to the virus or those who need minimal treatment and isolation. 

The Care and Shelter Branch in the Emergency Operations Center has developed an aggressive, two-pronged approach using Alternate Care Sites and Alternate Housing Sites to care for and house local residents should the county experience an anticipated  surge of COVID-19 cases over the next several months, which could potentially overwhelm the local healthcare system. 

The County team scouted and consulted with private building owners, cities, CSUMB, and Federal installations to identify the most advantageous locations. The Monterey County Emergency Operations Center has currently identified:

 Monterey County Fairgrounds, City of Monterey

  • San Lorenzo Park, King City
  • Laguna Seca Recreation Area
  • Marina Airport, City of Marina (Joby Aviation facility)
  • Sites in the Salinas area 

“The Marina Airport was identified quickly by City Manager Layne Long as an ideal alternate care site,” explains County Administrative Officer Charles McKee. “A short Friday afternoon discussion led to a Saturday morning tour and unbelievable openness and support from Marina and Joby Aviation to use their site.  Joby is in a class by themselves for innovation in personal aviation and now in contributions to our community by offering this site and their full support.”

 Should additional sites be opened, those locations will be announced. Should the County experience a COVID-19 surge, sites that have been identified could open in late April, May or June. 

What is an Alternate Care Site (ACS)?  

Alternate Care Sites are large facilities that can accommodate the anticipated surge beyond the collective hospital capability. They can house patients requiring a more acute level of medical care. These site(s) are developed at the request of, with guidance from and in coordination with Natividad Medical Center, Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, CHOMP and Mee Memorial Hospital. 

What is an Alternate Housing Site (AHS)?

Alternate Housing Sites are temporary housing for persons who have been confirmed COVID-19 positive or being monitored but require minimal or no medical care  AND live in compromised, congested, or congregate living situations with no alternate housing. These sites are developed in coordination with the Monterey County Health Department and would be managed by the County of Monterey. 

What are Housing Solutions?

Facilities that can accommodate large numbers of people in a congregate or non-congregate setting while still being able to implement strict social distancing requirements. This could include large facilities, hotels, motels and trailers.

 We thank all those private owners and public entities who have stepped forward to contribute to helping our community.  Now is the time to be leaders for each other.

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