Organization Chart

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Organizational Chart [PDF]

Residents of Monterey County
Elected County Officials
Assessor/Recorder-County Clerk
Stephen L. Vagnini
Rupa Shah
District Attorney
Jeannine Pacioni
Stephen T. Bernal
Treasurer-Tax Collector
Mary A. Zeeb

Board of Supervisors
Administrative Office
Charles McKee
Budget & Analysis / Contracts-Purchasing
Dewayne Woods
 Community Engagement and Advocacy
Nick Chiulos
Intergovernmental & Legislative Affairs,
Office of Emergency Services
Nick Chiulos
Child Support Services
Darrell McGowan, Acting
  Clerk of the Board
Valerie Ralph
Cooperative Extension
Maria de la Fuente, Ph.D.
Claudio Valenzuela
Emergency Communications/911
Lee Ann Magoski
Elsa Jimenez
Human Resources
Irma Ramirez-Bough
  Information Technology
Eric Chatham
Hilary Theyer
  Military & Veterans' Affairs
Jason Cameron
Resource Management Agency
Carl Holm
  Social Services
Lori Medina
Appointed County Officials
Agricultural Commissioner
Henry S. Gonzales
Civil Rights Office
Juan Rodriguez
County Counsel
Leslie Girard
Natividad Medical Center
Dr. Gary Gray, CEO 
Todd Keating, Acting
Public Defender
Susan E. Chapman
Water Resources Agency
Brent Buche