About Us

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About Us

The Budget & Analysis Division ensures the financial stability of the County by managing financial functions in an efficient, cost-effective and responsive manner. The Budget & Analysis Division oversees the long range strategic financial planning, public finance, and budget. The Budget & Analysis Division provides the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, departments and the public with timely information to assure financial accuracy, accountability and justification.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Budget and Analysis Division is to:

  • Develop a County Budget that supports and enhances Board of Supervisor’s goals and objectives,
  • Maintain the financial integrity of the County and
  • Serve as the chief fiscal policy advisor to the County Administrative Officer.

To this purpose, the Budget and Analysis Division will:

  • In conjunction with departments, monitor and review financial and management aspects of departments, throughout the fiscal year.
  • Work with departments to develop financial and program strategies to serve the needs of a growing employee and population base of Monterey County.
  • Develop countywide financial trends and forecasting models to monitor the County’s fiscal condition.
  • Oversee the County’s debt financing in collaboration with the Auditor-Controller and the County Treasurer.
  • Collaborate with departments to produce monthly and quarterly financial reports for the Board of Supervisors.
  • Provide technical assistance and mentoring for departmental staff on fiscal and management issues.
  • Serve as an informational and analytic resource to departments regarding State and Federal funding and program issues.
  • Assist Departments in developing program benchmarks to measure program efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Examine best fiscal and management practices and formulate recommendations for their inclusion in County programs.
  • Explore intergovernmental and interdepartmental collaborations aimed at sharing resources and eliminating duplication of effort.
  • Provide staff support to the Board of Supervisors’ Budget and Health Committees.