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Monterey County as a pilot-scale marine policy laboratory

The Monterey Bay area has a number of significant assets that make it an ideal setting for becoming a pilot-scale “policy laboratory,” focusing on crafting new environmental policy solutions based on near-real-time scientific data and evidence. Key assets include the sheer concentration of marine and environmental science experts and institutions, the unique ecosystem of the Bay, the heavy presence of sensors in the Bay region, pioneering work in ecosystem-based management and marine spatial planning, and existing multi-disciplinary research programs on policy and the environment.

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Blue Economy Research & Development

Objective:  Position Monterey County as a global leader in business and civic approaches to redefine the interface between humans and marine resources, by promoting new types of research, technology commercialization, and policy development.

Impact:  Encourage the County to become a “thought leader” and experimental test-bed for new types of maritime commerce and for policy innovations in water and land management.