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EOC Increased Activation to Level 1 | EOC Activado al Nivel 1 As of 0800 on 4/6/20 the Monterey County Operational Area Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has increased to activation Level 1 (Full/Highest) to support the Monterey County Health Department in responding to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The increase in activation level is in response to expected increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases in Monterey County over the next several weeks, and the necessary action required to respond to the life-safety needs of our communities. The following overarching operational priorities govern resource allocation and response strategy for the county during an emergency or disaster: • Life Safety . The preservation of life is the top priority of emergency managers and first responders, and takes precedence over any and all other considerations. • Reduce Suffering. Beyond the simple preservation of life, all possible efforts must be made to reduce suffering by treating injuries and providing for basic human needs—including food, water, shelter, healthcare, sanitation, and security—during and after an emergency or disaster. • Protecting Property. All possible efforts must be made to protect public and private property from damage during and after an emergency or disaster. • Protecting The Environment. The county makes all reasonable efforts to protect the environment from damage during and after an emergency or disaster. • Restoring Basic Services. Power, sanitation, public transportation, and other basic services must be restored as quickly as possible to enable communities to resume their normal patterns of life. • Ensuring Timely Community And Economic Resiliency. Emergency managers and recovery planners work with each community affected by an emergency or disaster to facilitate a speedy recovery. Every effort must be made to ensure that recovery operations are conducted fairly, equitably, and inclusively. Activation Levels: Level One activation involves a complete and full activation of all organizational elements at full staffing and all Emergency Support Functions. Level One activation is typically initi

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