The Emergency Services Manager is responsible for the operation of a countywide emergency preparedness program, including management of the County’s emergency services/disaster planning functions and program effectiveness, development of countywide emergency services policies, and coordination of the involvement of a variety of County departments, and other jurisdictions and agencies involved in emergency response.

Previous Emergency Services Managers: Harry Robbins, Paul Ireland, David Kraus, and Sherrie Collins.


Emergency Services Planners assist the Emergency Services Manager in the planning, coordination, development and promotion of emergency services operations, plans and programs, and the organization and training of emergency services personnel.


The Senior Secretary performs complex clerical and secretarial work tasks in support of one or more persons serving in an administrative or professional capacity; completes routine administrative tasks directly related to the work of their supervisor(s); and performs other related work as required.


Though not employed by the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services, OES is proud to work regularly with and accomodate our state partner embedded in the Monterey County OES office, programs, and projects. Cal OES Coastal Region encourages their Emergency Services Coordinators to become an active member of the community they serve by working with their Operational Area partners on a daily basis. This embedded Emergency Services Coordinator provides our office a more central and direct link to state support and resources; As we all know, the time to exchange business cards is not during the disaster.


California Government Code Section 3100-3109 states in part:

It is hereby declared that the protection of the health and safety and preservation of the lives and property of the people of the state from the effects of natural, manmade, or warcaused emergencies which result in conditions of disaster or extreme peril to life, property, and resources is of paramount state importance…in protection of its citizens and resources, all public employees are hereby declared to be disaster service workers… All disaster service workers shall, before they enter upon the duties of their employment, take and subscribe to the oath or affirmation.

All public employees are included in disaster service worker status, which are all persons employed by any county, city, state agency or public district. During normal day-to-day operations DSWs may work for a specific department or agency; however, during emergencies all DSWs are integral members of the OES and County Family. DSWs may serve in several ways:

  • Agency performs regular duties that contribute to Emergency Response
  • Agency or Employee is given a task or duty to support the incident
  • Employee may be assigned to serve in the Emergency Operations Center


The Monterey County Office of Emergency Services takes on the responsibility of teaching and guiding 1-2 interns every year. To request information on our internship program, submit the form below.



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