The Monterey County Office of Emergency Services Training Program plans, facilitates and coordinates training sessions involving local, state and federal partners to help them practice emergency planning and management skills. OES works with a wide variety of partners to design and provide training opportunities for County staff, city partners, the private sector, non-profit organizations and other regional response partners. OESTraining helps to develop essential emergency management skills, reinforce Emergency Operations Center (EOC) responsibilities and introduce technology. The principles learned during training are reinforced during exercises organized and facilitated by OES.

Disaster Service Worker Training

Do you know what your responsibilities are to the County of Monterey, before and after a disaster? All Monterey County employees are designated by both State and County law as Disaster Service Workers (DSWs).There are many types of activities DSWs may be assigned; please make sure you and your familiy are prepared at home and at  work to help ensure you will be ready and available when duty calls.

American Red Cross: Preparedness for Disaster Service Workers
You won’t be able to effectively perform your DSW duties without first confirming that your family is safe. Protect your loved ones by developing a family emergency plan and assembling emergency supply kits. This 11-minute animated video from the Red Cross tells the story of how one community works together to prepare for the unexpected.


The Monterey County Office of Emergency Services Exercise Program coordinates exercises involving local, state and federal partners to help them practice response skills in “real-life” disaster scenarios. OES works locally, regionally, at the state level and nationally to design and execute exercises among our multi-disciplinary stakeholders. 

For more information on upcoming training and exercise opportunities, please visit the OES Calendar.