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Take comfort in latest pesticide findings

Monterey County's agricultural industry often focuses on large numbers — production values, crop volume, exports and the like. But small numbers tell a story as well, and sometimes, the smallest numbers may prove very significant. A case in point involves new pesticide air monitoring data released by the state. Continue reading the full article online HERE. 

Pesticides Critical to Safe, Reliable Food

Following are excerpts from an op-ed by Department of Pesticide Regulation Director Brian R. Leahy that was recently published in The Sacramento Bee. Read the full commentary online HERE. 

Many Californians think of pesticides as something only farmers use. They don’t realize that pesticides touch many other areas in their lives. We all reap the benefits of pesticides. They are part of the complex processes required to deliver safe food, water and health care, yet some consumers are reluctant to accept the risks required to create those benefits. When something seems foreign to us and we don’t understand its benefits, it becomes vulnerable to attack by seemingly well-meaning people and organizations.

Thoughtful dialog around pesticide policy often becomes difficult, logic dies, and rhetoric and dogma can dominate the conversation….

The public increasingly wants instant solutions to complex problems. “Instant” and “scientific research” don’t make good bedfellows. However, the Department of Pesticide Regulation is committed to reassessing its scientific processes to try to reduce the time between uncovering a problem and taking action to address it.