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The following guidelines apply to nursery stock exporters requesting phytosanitary certificate inspections:

  • Call our quarantine duty officer (759-7300) and ask for the export requirements for the state (within the US) or country you have plans to export to.
  • Some states/countries require periodic inspections, lab testing, visual inspections or a master permit for a specific pest; it is recommended that exporters coordinate with our inspectors to get these requirements satisfied prior to issuance of a phytosanitary certificate.
  • Please be sure that the facility provides the inspector a safe working area.
  • Cooler staff may be asked to help provide a raised inspection surface (pallets, boxes, and table) in an area that has enough light for an inspection.
  • Fax a copy of the phytosanitary certificate draft to our office, the quarantine duty officer will review and approve.
  • Should product not be available for a scheduled inspection, a service fee of $100.00 may apply.

For nurseries receiving shipment from other states and quarantined/regulated counties in California, the following guidelines apply:

  • Hold all quarantine shipments in a designated receiving area pending our inspection.
  • Call us promptly for an inspection on all quarantined shipments coming into your facility with a Blue Hold tag or a Quarantine Notice attached to the shipping papers or invoice.
  • Do not co-mingle the incoming plants with your other nursery stock on hand until it has been inspected and released by the County Agricultural Inspector.
  • Failure to hold quarantined plant shipments in a designated receiving area prior to inspection could result in a fine for the nursery, or in a quarantine hold being placed on your entire inventory of plants received.
  • Further information specific to Glassy-Winged Sharpshooter and Sudden Oak Death can be found on the Nursery Pests & Diseases of Significance page.